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State of the Club Address 1947

Presented by President Alvin E. Heutchy,  1947.

After the reconversion year of 1946, the year 1947 looms as a large and important one – a year of expansion and preparation.  Most of the Club’s members who were in the armed forces and in Government service have now returned to their civilian pursuits and club activities.  

The Club has planned for an expansion of its membership by an increase of several hundred new members – the only way in which it, as a Republican club, can be a decisive factor in the advancement of the Republican Party and a progressive and vital force in the community.  One of the ways in which the Club hopes to bring about this increase in membership is by attracting new and younger members from the colleges and universities.  Our first venture into this field is at Columbia University, where a young, flourishing, and growing group holds sway.  This group has many activities, such as luncheons and mass meetings, and its members have actively participated in all the Club’s functions.  The Club is organizing similar groups in other colleges and universities in the City.  

This year has also seen the successful inauguration of an Uptown Luncheon series, and an active campaign group, which turned in a very fine performance in the Primary Elections in the 3rd A.D. East in July of 1947. 

The Club’s committees have been very active and are planning extensive programs for the club year.  The various affairs committees, the Speakers’ Bureau, the Political Education Committee, and the Luncheon Committees will continue with even greater activity during the coming months. 

The year 1948 will be an extremely decisive political year, and the Club must be ready to take its place both quantitatively and qualitatively for the fight that lies ahead.  As one of the most active forces dedicated to the public good and to progressive and clean government, the Club cannot shirk its duty.