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State of the Club Address 1946

Presented by President Cornelius W. Wickersham, Jr., 1946.

The year 1946 has seen the return to civilian life of about 210 members of the Club who were in the armed services and another 18 who were actively engaged in government service in a civilian capacity.  There are still 37 members in the armed services and 18 in government service of a war nature.  The great majority of those who returned have shown a keen interest in political affairs and a greatly intensified feeling of responsibility towards their government.  

We are proud of the following men who did not come back and who died to save our way of life: 

  • John Burke 
  • Robert W. Canfield 
  • Wm. Bradford Hubbell 
  • Daniel B. McCook 
  • Arthur S. Malena 
  • Raymond R. Polk 
  • Samuel S. Poor, Jr. 
  • Maurice B. Quint 
  • Theodore Roosevelt 

There are 14 with whom we have been unable to keep in touch.  

This year has seen the successful inauguration of a Political Education Program which we expect to expand during the coming months.  It has also seen our activity centered in the 18th Congressional District in support of the Regular Organizational candidate Frederick v. P. Bryan in his endeavor to defeat Vito Marcantonio.  

Dedicated to the public good and the advancement of our Party, our club must and will continue as a progressive and vital force in the community.