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State of the Club Address 1944

Presented by President Alexander Hehmeyer, 1944.

The year 1944 has seen approximately 250 members on active duty with our armed forces, while some 50 members are serving on the home front in various government activities directly connected with the war effort.  

Despite the inroads that the war has made upon the active membership of the Club, we have made every effort to continue the Club’s activities and to remain an aggressive force for good government.  

The Club took an active part in the 1944 campaign.  Early in August, we opened a cottage at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 48th Street to serve as a clearinghouse for information to men and women in the armed forces on the absentee voting laws of the 48 states, to advise on registration problems and otherwise to serve as a center for voting information.  The extracting job of preparing a booklet summarizing the absentee voting laws of all states was undertaken by the Club’s past President, Charles Metzner.  Members of the Young Women’s Club staffed the cottage.  Thousands of visitors from all parts of the country stopped at the cottage, which operated at a capacity basis right up to election day.  In addition, during September and October, the Club’s campaign committee, under the direction of Murray Perkell, conducted a vigorous campaign throughout Manhattan. 

We have made every effort to keep in touch with our members in the armed forces.  Repeatedly they have urged us to continue our work for better government and above all to maintain and to further the independent and progressive traditions for which this Club has stood for thirty-three years.  Not the least of our assets this year has been the splendid support we have received from our older members.  

Dedicated to the public good and the advancement of our Party, our club must and will continue as a progressive and vital force in the community.