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State of the Club Address 1941

Presented by President John A. Wells1941.

The New York Young Republican Club has been in existence for 31 years.  Our purpose and function are threefold: First, we seek to interest young and able men in the theory and practice of politics; Second, we maintain a year-round program for the purpose of politically educating the membership and generating political interest, with vigorous emphasis upon the various local, state and national campaigns.  Third, we attempt to so interest and educate our members in politics that when they cease to become active in our Club they graduate into and become active in the regular Republican organization, — in this manner we hope to become a source of future organization and public leadership. 

The Club has always been progressive and liberal, insisting on the necessity and desirability of thoughtfully considered change.  The Club’s attitude toward contemporaneous political events has been rendered effective by those who have graduated from it.  It is properly proud of such distinguished graduates as Thomas E. Dewey, Newbold Morris, Thomas J. Curran, Thomas C. Desmond, Frederic R. Coudert, Jr., and a host of others who has given constructive leadership to the Republican party. 

The current European conflict has, of course, produced problems.  Some 60 active members have been inducted into the armed forces of the United States, and others have taken various jobs to aid the defense effort.  Now, more than ever before, youth must be inducted into that service of the Republican party.  Inevitably that party will be called upon to supply national and state leadership, and it will only be able to answer the call if its bloodstream is continually refreshed by the induction of new and vigorous individuals.   

Club members are asked to contribute thoughtfully and conscientiously, to the Club’s activities and to the activities of the Republican party generally.  An individual effort, on the part of each of us, is necessary to preserve, foster, and make better the American way.