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State of the Club Address 1939

Presented by President Grayson M-P. Murphy, Jr.1939.

For more than a quarter of a century of the New York Young Republican Club has followed a three-fold plan of action: First, after educating ourselves in the current problems of government we have voiced in the councils of the Party and placed before the public those political and social views which are characteristics of a group of independent young Republicans.  Second, through campaign work of our own and by encouraging activity by our members in regular Party organizations, we have acted as a vigorous working force in political campaigns.  Third, qualified members of the Club have been encouraged to enter public service with a view to giving practical effect to those ideals of intelligence and integrity for which the Club stands.  These purposes have developed with the passing years into strong traditions.  They have been carried forward by a succession of Club administration of which we, today, have every reason to be proud. 

With growing influence comes added responsibilities.  Not only must we strain every effort to consolidate the gains already made, but if we are to move forward as a militant force our influence must be constantly strengthened and carried on into new fields.  This means strict vigilance in preserving our independence and bringing in a constant stream of new, vigorous men. 

A few years ago it was considered axiomatic that democratic forms of government were the best suited for the more progressive and intelligent peoples.  Today democracy is not only unpopular in the world as a whole but is despised by many as an inefficient form of government that tends to place the control of public affairs in the hands of second-rate men.  Our Club has played a part, and can in the future play an even more important part, in meeting this challenge.