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State of the Club Address 1937

Presented by President Phillip B. Thurston, 1937.

For over a quarter of a century, the New York Young Republican Club has played its part, and a prominent part, in the civic and political life of New York. Its membership today comprises about 1,000 young men who have a serious but unselfish interest in politics.

A study of the list of founders of this Club will show the prominent position many of our members have attained in this community. Another striking example is the Republican Ticket in the current municipal campaign. A survey of this ticket shows that out of 79 Republican candidates running for public office in New York County in 1937, 36 are members of our Club and most of these have taken an active part in our affairs for many years.

Newbold Morris, the candidate for President of the new City Council, was a former member of our Board of Governors.

Stanley M. Isaacs, the candidate for President of the Borough of Manhattan, has long been an active member of our Club.

Thomas E. Dewey, the candidate for District Attorney, who was formerly chairman of our Board of Governors, was introduced to New York City public life through his activity in our Club.

Five years ago our former President, George H. Sibley, played an important role in the establishment of the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs. This year the president of the Association, Alfred L. Simon, of Ballston Spa, has not only won the nomination for District Attorney of Saratoga County but has been named one of the fifteen Republican candidates for Delegate at Large to the Constitutional Convention.

Spurred on by the initiative and independence evidenced by this Club, Young Republicans throughout the state as well as the city are leading a peaceful revolution within the Republican Party which is bringing new faces and new leadership to the fore.