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State of the Club Address 1936

Presented by President David W. Peck1936.

For a quarter of a century, the New York Young Republican Club has played its part and a prominent part, in the civic and political life of New York. Its membership today comprises about 1,000 young men who have a serious but unselfish interest in politics. Our aims are briefly as follows:

  1. To enlist young men in the active service of the Republican Party.
  2. To develop a sense of political responsibility in our community and especially among the young men of the community.
  3. To study problems of government at first hand by holding club meetings, committee meetings, and research groups, at which these problems are studied and debated.
  4. To cooperate with, and supplement the efforts of, the regular Republican organization, as occasion may warrant.
  5. To maintain an effective independent political unit, free from the dictates of political bosses.
  6. To support or elect candidates of intelligence, character, and integrity by active campaigning in Assembly Districts.
  7. To continue the revitalization of the Republican Party by the advocacy of liberal principles and the election of Landon and Knox.
  8. To insist on a militant, honest and aggressive Republican Party in the State of New York.
  9. To preserve the American Constitutional System, including the Supreme Court and the separation of powers between the Federal and State Governments.

These I believe are our aims for 1936. I appeal to every member of our Club and to every young man to join with us in an active campaign for the advancement of our ideals and the protection of the American political system of free government.