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State of the Club Address 1935

Presented by President David W. Peck1935.

The New York Young Republican Club exists to give organized expression to the political thought of the young men of New York City and to coordinate their political activity. In its committees the problems of the city, state, and nation are studied and discussed; in the monthly Club meetings the position of the Club on matters of public policy is determined and speakers of national prominence are heard; at election time the members of the Club act as district workers in promoting the election of Republican candidates for public office.

The success of the Club in practical politics is best evidenced by the facts that two years ago, largely due to the Club’s efforts, the county leadership was wrested from impotent hands and placed in the vigorous hands of a new leader and that in the election of last year all of the Republican candidates elected to public office were members of this Club.

Now, at a time when a Roosevelt Democratic Administration is threatening to undermine the constitutional foundation of our system of government and establish a government of bureaucrats, antagonistic to individual freedom and opportunity and sustained by a back-breaking tax burden on the people, it is more vital than ever for Young Republicans-members of a generation that has a stake in the future of our country to unite and be vigilant in thought and action to preserve the American constitutional system, and at the same time assure that the Republican Party offers a constructive and realistic program for the correction of our economic ills and the restoration of prosperity to all the people.

The New York Young Republican Club dedicates itself anew to the constructive political work that must be done.