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State of the Club Address 1934

Delivered by President Alexander M. Hamilton1934.

The New York Young Republican Club is an organization of young men within the City of New York who believe in giving an organized expression of their interest in good government and Republican politics. Its meetings, associations, and activities tend to stimulate the political consciousness of those members who have had neither contact nor participation in existing party or governmental agencies.

The policies of the club are dictated by the following precepts:

To draw constantly the fresh blood of intelligent youth into the body politic and to translate a militant idealism into the administration of government.

Not to seek office for office’s sake but to make available from our membership, when sought, men of unquestioned integrity and proven ability.

To subordinate party advantage to the public interest, believing that political worth can only be measured by public service.

To seek the advancement and progress of the social and economic orders through the preservation of the fruits of past experience and to safeguard in the future against the mistakes of the past.

The year 1933 has already taken its place in the political history of the city. Under the militant leadership of former President Archie O. Dawson, the New York Young Republican Club can well claim to have played more than an important role in formulating the policies that were predestined to culminate in the defeat of Tammany Hall.

Conceiving four objectives to be achieved during the course of the past year, the club’s last administration retired from office with the satisfaction of knowing that. the four objectives had been attained through the united and active support of the entire membership.

The revitalization of the Republican Party in New York County was secured through the election of a new County Chairman and the public confidence was restored and re-established.

The independent voters of the city were aroused and allied in a common cause for the overthrow of Tammany’s misrule.

The Republican Party throughout the city was coordinated in a successful Fusion campaign.

Recognition was given to the young and forward-looking members of the party in the future leadership of the organization.

Today the many members of the club who have been called upon to discharge the duties and responsibilities of both executive and elective office afford an opportunity for the practical execution of those constructive and liberal policies that have characterized the Young Republican Club in its constant growth and expansion.