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Litigation Fund

The New York Young Republican Club announces its support of President Gavin M. Wax’s effort to defend New Yorkers’ representation in state government.

Read the New York Post’s exclusive story here

This new filing places the fate of New Yorkers’ representation in the State Assembly in the hands of Judge Patrick F. McAllister, the trial court judge in Steuben County who first struck down all three sets of maps prior to subsequent appellate court decisions.

The Court of Appeals has ruled that the state Legislature unconstitutionally subverted the will of New York voters when drawing Congressional District and State Senate District maps. The state Legislature followed that same procedure when drawing State Assembly District maps, and the exclusion of State Assembly Districts from the ruling was due solely to the nature of petitioners’ earlier appeals.

The New York Young Republican Club stands solidly behind Mr. Wax and his motion. Since its founding on April 27, 1911, the Club’s mission statement has included among its objectives a focus to “promote honest and fair electoral methods, to the end that the expression of the popular will by whatever party or body, shall be as free, untrammeled and equal as possible [and] encourage public attention to and efficiently criticize the conduct of government.

In its early years, the Club battled the infamous Tammany Hall machine that misgoverned the Empire State for generations. Today, it backs Mr. Wax as he carries forward that legacy of fighting for the public interest in the face of unconstitutional behavior by the state Legislature.

The Club has created a dedicated Litigation Fund that will support Mr. Wax’s initial motion and subsequent legal actions. We call on all New Yorkers who value good government and democratic principles to support this effort.

Mr. Wax has incurred $13,000 in legal fees for his initial motion. Support our effort to fully fund necessary litigation to ensure that Democracy in New York is defended.

Read Mr. Wax’s Memoradum of Law here and his new Cause of Action here.

The New York Young Republican Club is a section 501(c)(4) organization. Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Any remaining donations will be re-allocated to the Club’s general fund upon the conclusion of litigation. 

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