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The Hungarian Way of Strategy: A Conversation with Balázs Orbán

Join us for a conversation with Balázs Orbán, Political Director to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Sohrab Ahmari!

Balázs András Orbán is a Hungarian lawyer, political scientist, and Member of Parliament, who has been serving as Political Director of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán since 2021.

He is the Chairman of theBoard of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), Hungary’s leading extracurricular educational institution, and chairs the Advisory Board of the National University of Public Service (NKE).

Since 2021 August Orbán has been serving as Political Director to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. As his chief advisor, he supports strategic decision-making and coordinates the work of the Prime Minister’s advisors. In 2022 he became Member of the Hungarian Parliament.

His articles and analyses are frequently published in various online and printed newspapers, journals. He authored several books, including The Character of the Hungarian State published in Hungarian and German; Hungary 2020; and The Hungarian Way of Strategy, published in Hungarian, English, and Polish languages.

When: Tuesday, April 18th

Time: 7:00pm

Price: Members: Free (Please RSVP) / Non-Members: $10

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Location: 3 West Club (3 W 51st St)

Free book included.

BYOB, Complimentary drinks provided.

The Hungarian Way of Strategy offers a unique view inside government thinking from high-level Hungarian politician, Political Director to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Balázs Orbán. Drawing on extensive scholarship as well as a range of examples from history and popular culture, the author provides readers unfamiliar with Hungary’s unique geography and history an understanding of how these factors continue to shape Hungarian thinking as he explains strategic planning, national character, and debunks misconceptions fostered by Western media about the nature and aims of Hungary’s government. While countering the prevailing narrative in the West about Hungary, Balázs Orbán advocates for a Europe in which there is room to govern by principles rooted in national history and values instead of the currently hegemonic liberal consensus.

Thank you, MCC Press, for providing the complimentary books for our guests and to the Liszt Institute for its sponsorship!