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Special Information Session: Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights in NY

Have you ever wondered about how to use your 2nd Amendment Rights in NY? Join us for our Special Information Session!

When: Wednesday, September 27th

Time: 6:30pm

Price: Free (Members Only)

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Location: To be announced upon ticket purchase.

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Dispelling NYC Firearms Myths with Movie & TV Gunsmith Howard Kwok:

If you’re a New Yorker curious about the legalities of firearms ownership in NYC, this is the social for you!

Or perhaps you’re already permitted, and would like to know who else amongst you share the same interests?
 Join us as we dispel the myths of firearms ownership in NYC, and talk about the legal avenues available to Young Republicans interested in firearms and the 2nd Amendment in general (but happen to live in NYC). 

We’ll talk about the general process of licensing, what it means to ‘compliant’, and Second Amendment rights in general within NYC & NY State.

Most New Yorkers would succeed in getting licensed if they better understood the process.  We’ll break it down for you and make it less intimidating.

Then we’ll answer your firearm-related questions in what we expect to be an entertaining Q&A session.


The Truth about Firearm Ownership vs. Pop Culture Lies:  Tips for talking about Second Amendment issues with doubters. 

Film & TV Armorer, Firearms Subject Matter Expert and Gunsmith Howard Kwok:

Employed in the firearms industry for over 15 years in the NYC area

-NRA certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) and “Weapons Handler” on film sets including John Wick, Blue Bloods, CSI, SVU, and The Punisher

-A historian of small arms design and development