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Independent Petitioning Deployment for City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino

Join us for the grand opening of the campaign office and an independent petitioning deployment for City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino!

Vickie Paladino has held the line for her constituents, delivering a voice of reason and common-sense compromise in a Council often preoccupied with trivialities and ideology.

Vickie has stood up for our veterans, instituting the city’s first Veteran Resource Center in City Council District 19. She has stood with the NYPD and helped deliver a budget that fully restored police funding to pre-COVID levels. She has fought for our brave corrections officers against the radicals who want to close our prisons entirely. She introduced common-sense legislation to fight our destructive mandates and get our people back to work. She has stood with municipal retirees to protect their healthcare, and she’s fought hard to protect our children from inappropriate content in our schools. And much more.

Read more about Vickie here!

When: Saturday, May 20

Time: 11:00AM

Price: Free (Please RSVP)

Not a member? Join here!

Location: Queens, New York (Location provided to attendees)

Food, transportation, and campaign materials provided.