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Join the NYYRC’s History Committee for its 3rd Trivia Night!

Join the NYYRC’s History Committee for its 3rd Trivia Night on Wednesday, June 7 and celebrate Memorial Day with us!

We will cover the history of the US Wars from the American Revolution, to the US Civil War, up to the war in Afghanistan.

Hint: Check out the NYYRC’s History Timeline on the Club’s website for additional clues.

Prizes are available!

Date: Wednesday, June 7

Time: 7:30 – 10:30PM

Price: $15 (Members Only)

BYOB: Complimentary food and drinks provided.

Location provided to ticketholders.

Note: Members must submit their club email address, as PROMO CODE to access a ticket.

Party like a patriot! Join us for our Second Annual Independence Day Rooftop Bash with Alex Stein and a secret special guest. Guess who?

Alex Stein is a prominent conservative commentator, media personality, and comedian, known for his sharp wit, insightful commentary, and engaging stage presence. He is associated with Blaze Media and hosts the popular show “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” where he offers his unique perspective on politics, culture, and current events.

Throughout his career, Alex has been known for his passionate advocacy of conservative values, including limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. He is a frequent guest on cable news programs and other media outlets, and is widely respected as an expert on issues ranging from economics and finance to foreign policy and national security.

As a comedian, Alex is equally talented, known for his irreverent humor and quick wit. He has performed at clubs and venues across the country, and has become a favorite among conservative audiences who appreciate his willingness to challenge the status quo and push boundaries.

In addition to his work as a media personality and comedian, Alex is also an entrepreneur and business owner, having founded several successful companies in a variety of industries. He is passionate about using his business acumen and expertise to help others succeed, and is widely regarded as a mentor and advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Through his work in media, politics, and business, Alex Stein has become a respected and influential figure in conservative circles, known for his intelligence, his insight, and his unwavering commitment to conservative principles and values.

When: Sunday, June 25

Time: 3:00 PM

Price: Members: $20 / Non-Members: $45

Not a member? Join here!

Location: Upper West Side (Provided to ticket purchasers)

Complimentary drinks and snacks provided.

Wear your best red, white, and blue! It will be warm!

Ready to be more MAGA than ever before? Join us for our members only MAGArita Monday!

When: Monday, June 19th

Time: 7:30pm

Price: $15 (Members Only)

Not a member? Join here.

Location: To be announced upon ticket purchase.

Enter your e-mail as a promo code to unlock a member ticket

Please join the NYYRC Libertarian and Veterans Caucuses for a debate between Libertarian Caucus Chairman Frank Filocomo and Sergeant-at-Arms, Veterans Caucuses, and Co-host of the Populist Majority Podcast Troy Olson on the following topic: Should the American Right pursue Libertarianism or Populism?

When: Monday, May 22nd 

Time: 7:30 PM

Where: Provided to ticket purchasers 

Refreshments will be provided (BOYB strongly encouraged)

Join us for the grand opening of the campaign office and an independent petitioning deployment for City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino!

Vickie Paladino has held the line for her constituents, delivering a voice of reason and common-sense compromise in a Council often preoccupied with trivialities and ideology.

Vickie has stood up for our veterans, instituting the city’s first Veteran Resource Center in City Council District 19. She has stood with the NYPD and helped deliver a budget that fully restored police funding to pre-COVID levels. She has fought for our brave corrections officers against the radicals who want to close our prisons entirely. She introduced common-sense legislation to fight our destructive mandates and get our people back to work. She has stood with municipal retirees to protect their healthcare, and she’s fought hard to protect our children from inappropriate content in our schools. And much more.

Read more about Vickie here!

When: Saturday, May 20

Time: 11:00AM

Price: Free (Please RSVP)

Not a member? Join here!

Location: Queens, New York (Location provided to attendees)

Food, transportation, and campaign materials provided.

Join the New York Young Republican Club for a night of dinner, drinking, and love of country at our 111th Annual Gala!

The New York Young Republican Club is the oldest and largest Young Republican club in the United States, incorporated in 1911 with predecessor organizations dating to 1856.

On Saturday, December 9, we will hold our 111th Annual Gala, just as we have done through every major world event, including both World Wars and COVID-19, since our foundation. We are excited to welcome back both members and guests for a black-tie evening featuring Cipriani’s signature bellini upon arrival, an open bar featuring top shelf liquor, butler-passed hors d’ouvres, and a multi-course French-service dinner as we hear from high-profile national speakers, mingle with honored guests, and discuss opportunities for the advancement of our mission.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our speakers!

The New York Young Republican Club continues to promote the future political leaders of America by advocating for their involvement in local government, as elected officials, and within major political organizations. The Club is officially recognized by the New York State Young Republicans, Young Republican National Federation, as well as county, state, and national Republican committees.

The New York Young Republican Club was created in 1911 to promote and maintain the principles of the Republican Party. Our mission since then has been:

To promote and maintain the principles of the Republican Party: to foster within the Republican Party and make practical in service of the municipality, state and nation, the idealism characteristic of youth; to correct in our own party that tendency of all parties to make organization an end rather than a means; to develop sound principle and public spirit in party politics; to promote honest and fair electoral mentors, to the end that the expression of the popular will by whatever party or body, shall be as free, untrammeled and equal as possible; to resist and expose political corruption; to advocate merit rather than partisan service as entitling to public office; to watch legislation and encourage public attention to and efficiently criticize the conduct of government.


When: Saturday, December 9, 2023

Time: 7:00 P.M. Doors Open

Location: Cipriani Wall Street

Price: Early Bird

Member Ticket – $375

Non-Member Ticket – $475

A general admission ticket grants attendee access to a full open bar with top-shelf liquor and a cocktail hour followed by a three-course meal!

Member VIP Ticket – $575

Non-Member VIP Ticket – $700

Enjoy an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet Reception with speakers and honored guests! VIP includes reception and general admission.

To upgrade your general ticket to VIP, please email

Table of 10 – $4,500

VIP Table of 10 – $6,500

Host Committee – $10,000

Host Committee Vice Chairman – $15,000

Host Committee Co-Chairman – $20,000

Host Committee Chairman – $25,000

Become a member of our exclusive Host Committee to support the 111th Annual Gala and advance the NYYRC mission.

Sponsorships – Please email for pricing.

Join us for a conversation with Balázs Orbán, Political Director to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Sohrab Ahmari!

Balázs András Orbán is a Hungarian lawyer, political scientist, and Member of Parliament, who has been serving as Political Director of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán since 2021.

He is the Chairman of theBoard of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), Hungary’s leading extracurricular educational institution, and chairs the Advisory Board of the National University of Public Service (NKE).

Since 2021 August Orbán has been serving as Political Director to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. As his chief advisor, he supports strategic decision-making and coordinates the work of the Prime Minister’s advisors. In 2022 he became Member of the Hungarian Parliament.

His articles and analyses are frequently published in various online and printed newspapers, journals. He authored several books, including The Character of the Hungarian State published in Hungarian and German; Hungary 2020; and The Hungarian Way of Strategy, published in Hungarian, English, and Polish languages.

When: Tuesday, April 18th

Time: 7:00pm

Price: Members: Free (Please RSVP) / Non-Members: $10

Not a member? Join here.

Location: 3 West Club (3 W 51st St)

Free book included.

BYOB, Complimentary drinks provided.

The Hungarian Way of Strategy offers a unique view inside government thinking from high-level Hungarian politician, Political Director to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Balázs Orbán. Drawing on extensive scholarship as well as a range of examples from history and popular culture, the author provides readers unfamiliar with Hungary’s unique geography and history an understanding of how these factors continue to shape Hungarian thinking as he explains strategic planning, national character, and debunks misconceptions fostered by Western media about the nature and aims of Hungary’s government. While countering the prevailing narrative in the West about Hungary, Balázs Orbán advocates for a Europe in which there is room to govern by principles rooted in national history and values instead of the currently hegemonic liberal consensus.

Thank you, MCC Press, for providing the complimentary books for our guests and to the Liszt Institute for its sponsorship!

Who is ready to get their dancing shoes on? Join us for our Cinco de Mayo, Salsa Social!

This event will be co-sponsored by the NYYRC Hispanic Caucus.

When: Thursday, May 11th

Time: 7:00pm

Price: $15 for members / $30 for non-members

Not a member? Join here.

Location: Theater District. (Address provided upon RSVP)

Enter your e-mail as a promo code to unlock a member ticket.

Food and a free salsa lesson with professional instructors included with ticket purchase!

Dance lesson will be from 7:15pm-8:15pm.

Special Guests James Bacon and Spencer Chretien join the NYYRC Manhattan Project in a new speaking event.

Join the NYYRC Manhattan Project as James Bacon, President Trump’s Director of Operations for Presidential Personnel, talks about never-before-revealed details of the administration’s struggle for its staff. He joins with Spencer Chretien, Associate Director of the Heritage 2025 Transition Project, to discuss what went wrong, what went right, and how to retake the White House in 2025, both inside and outside the Oval Office.

When: Thurdsay, April 13

Time: 7PM

Price: $20 for members, $30 for nonmembers

Not a member? Join here!

Location: 3 West Club (3 West 51 Street)

Business casual attire requested.

Join us in peaceful protest of Alvin Bragg’s heinous attack on President Donald J. Trump!

Join the NYYRC, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jack Posobiec, and Graham Allen in peaceful protest of Alvin Bragg’s heinous attack on President Donald J. Trump!

When: Tuesday, April 4

Time: 10:30 A.M.

Location: Collect Pond Park, 130 Leonard St, New York, NY 10013

Price: Free (Please RSVP)

Not a member? Join here!

For press inquiries, email