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Original Certificate of Incorporation






I, THE UNDERSIGNED, being desirous of associating ourselves together for purposes, as more particularly described herein-after, and pursuant to and in conformity with acts of the Legislature of the State of New York, relating to membership corporations, do hereby certify and declare, that we are all of full age, two-thirds of us are citizens of the United States, and all of us are residents of the State of New York. 

We do further declare as follows:

FIRST. That the particular objects for which said Corporation is formed are as follows, namely:

To promote and maintain the principles of the Republican Party; to foster within the Republican Party, and make practical in the service of the municipality, state, and nation, the idealism characteristic of youth; to correct in our own party, the tendency of all parties, to make organization an end, rather than a means; to develop sound principle, and public spirit in party politics; to promote honest and fair electoral methods to the end that the expression of the popular will, by whatever party or body shall be as free, untrammeled and equal as possible; to resist and expose political corruption; to advocate merit, rather than partisan service as entitling to public office; to watch legislation to encourage public attention to and efficiently criticize the conduct of government. 

SECOND. That the corporate name by which said Corporation, hereby to be formed shall be known and distinguished, is and shall be NEW YORK YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB, INC. 

THIRD. That the territory in which the operations of said Corporation are to be principally conducted, is the County of New York, in the State of New York. 

FOURTH. That the principal office of said Corporation shall be located in the City of New York, County of New York and State of New York. 

FIFTH. That the number of directors of said Corporation shall be twenty-one together with the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. 

SIXTH. That the names and addresses of the persons to be directors of set Corporation, until its first annual meeting are:

Philip J. McCook – 571 Park Ave., New York City
Lloyd C. Griscom – 111 East 72nd St., New York City
Samuel McCune Lindsay – 105 East 22nd St., New York City
Victor Morawetz – 40 Wall St., New York City
Benjamin M. Day – 1925 7th Ave., New York City
Fred M. Stein – 42 West 74th St., New York City
Walter Arndt – 417 West 114th St., New York City
Albert S. Bard – 44 West 44th St., New York City
Lindon Bates, Jr. – 784 5th Ave., New York City
Benjamin R. Buffett – 2015 5th Ave., New York City
William M. Chadbourne – 37 Madison Ave., New York City
George D. Compton – 181 Claremont Ave., New York City
Alfred C. Coxe, Jr. – 21 East 73rd St., New York City
Edward R. Finch – 57 5th Ave., New York City
Henry W. Goddard – 33 West 67th St., New York City
Frederick P. Keppel – 415 West 117th St., New York City
Arthur Ludington – 56 West 10th St., New York City
Robert Mac Marsh – 45 West 11th St., New York City
H. D. Pell – 404 West 115th St., New York City
Joseph D. Sears – 627 West 115th St., New York City
Beaumont Spencer – 200 West 57th St., New York City
Thomas D. Thacher – 863 Park Ave., New York City
William D. Wadhams – 39 West 11th St., New York City
Stagg Whitin – 501 East 115th St., New York City
Henry E. Wise – 44 East 52nd St., New York City

SEVENTH. That the annual meeting of said Corporation shall be held on the second Monday of January, in each and every year.

IN TESTIMONY THEREOF, we have made and acknowledged this certificate is duplicated this 8th day of February one thousand nine hundred and twelve.