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News Producer

Website Project Veritas

The News Producer works closely with the CEO, our two Emmy Award-winning Executive Producers, and the Field Operations and Communications departments. The News Producer is responsible for assessing and organizing the newsworthy content derived from Project Veritas undercover journalists or provided by our tipsters, sources, and Insiders. The News Producer will work daily across the organization to shape stories as they develop, identify newsworthy story angles, and provide guidance both to our journalists in the field and to senior leadership as stories mature and are ready for release. This role will require an extrovert who can arbitrage information from a cadre of several dozen journalists and distill the most relevant pieces of content down to their critical elements. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring storylines represent the most effective take on a story, performing quality control on sourcing and facts and figures used in a story, and marshaling the consensus of multiple departments on the nature of a story and the most important angles to pursue. The News Producer’s success is measured and rewarded by the quality of the story that Project Veritas produces, consistency in our story response and impact, and by creating a shared reality within the organization on the critical elements of any number of developing stories.

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