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26 Jun
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Talking Points

Weekly Talking Points

Supreme Debacle
–On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Affordable Care Act again in the King v. Burwell decision.
–The case hinged on whether federal subsidies should be provided to people buying insurance on exchanges established by the federal government when the law explicitly states that subsidies are only available to persons buying insurance from exchanges established “by the states.”
–In the Court’s opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts, stated that an exchange “established by the states” actually means an exchange established by the states OR the federal government.
–Justice Scalia pointed out the absurdity of this claim in his dissenting opinion.
–Due to Roberts’ bending over backwards to save the Affordable a Care Act in 2013’s Sebelius case (a penalty is actually a tax) and in yesterday’s decision, Scalia stated it should now be called “SCOTUScare.”

Flag Frenzy
–The latest victim of liberal intolerance has been the Confederate battle flag and other symbols from the Civil War.
–In response to the hate motivated murders of nine churchgoers last week, liberals have taken up arms against symbols and monuments which had no bearing on the attack at all.
–Due to this uproar, many large retailers have banned the sale of Confederate flag items, and Apple banned its use in the AppStore for most apps. Mayor Landrieu of New Orleans has called for the removal of General Lee’s statue, and other Civil War memorials.
–The National Park Service has gone so far as to remove all Confederate flag items from battlefield gift shops where there is clearly historical and educational purpose for it. The concessionaire at Gettysburg refused the request of the park service and will continue to sell such items.
–Liberals have claimed that the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of hate and must be banned. If that is so, shouldn’t flags and shirts depicting Che Guevara also be barred?

Bobby Jindal is In
-Governor Bobby Jindal became the 13th person to announce for his intention to obtain the Republican nomination for President of the United States
-As Governor of Louisiana, Jindal became known as a major education reformer, supporting vouchers, charter schools, and scholarships.
-Last month Governor Jindal proposed legislation that would remove Common Core from all Louisiana schools.
-He is a Rhodes Scholar. Atat the age of 24 he was appointed Secretary of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals in 1996 and slashed $400 million in Medicaid expenses.
-Governor Jindal also can tout having an unemployment rate under that national average for his entire tenure as governor.

Data Breach Manipulation
-In a single attack, millions of personnel files and security clearance forms were attacked.It is widely believed that the Chinese were behind the attack.
-The attack gives much valuable data to the Chinese about our undercover operations, diplomacy, and the like.
-To avoid disclosing the severity of the attack, the Obama Administration defined the attack as two separate attacks, then waited for more than a week to disclose the “second” breach.

22 Jun
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Weekly Talking Points

Weekly Talking Points



Jeb Joins the Race

–On Tuesday, Jeb Bush made the long expected jump into the Republican presidential field.

–While he currently has a massive war chest, Bush faces serious problems with voter fatigue as the third Bush to run for the office.

–Bush also faces problems identifying with conservatives on issues such as common core and immigration.



Secretary Clinton and Foreign Policy

–While foreign policy concerns rank foremost on voter’s minds, Hillary continues to deliver platitudes.

–In her re-announcement speech, Clinton advised listeners that, “There are a lot of trouble spots in the world, but there’s a lot of good news out there too.”

–Clinton left her foreign policy discussion at that, then proceeded to spend the remainder of her speech castigating Republicans as evil hate mongers bent on the destruction of minorities, poor people, the environment, transgender people, and women.


Good bye Alexander

President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that in 2020, the $10 bill will be changed and will include a woman. The lucky lady will be the first historical woman to be featured on U.S. currency since Martha Washington.

–Despite demands from these groups to push Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill, they will have to settle for Hamilton because the ten was the next bill due for a redesign.

–The American people will choose the cis-gendered person who self-identified as a womyn to be included on the $10 bill.

–Advocacy groups will be hard pressed to find candidates equaling the contributions of Hamilton and the others who grace bills one through one hundred.

–Interestingly, Hamilton himself loved the ladies. Martha Washington named her tomcat “Hamilton” in honor of the suave first Secretary of the Treasury.


Quote of the Week

“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism.” – Alexander Hamilton