3 May
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Weekly Talking Points

Weekly Talking Points

As Baltimore burns, the Clinton camp has been struggling to put out its own fires. Here are your weekly talking points.

Clinton Ca$h
–The Clinton Campaign has been unable to escape the accusations brought forth in the new book, Clinton Cash, that foreign governments bought influence in the State Department by “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.
–As reported by the New York Times, Hillary Clinton’s State Department gave the green light for the sale of twenty percent of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russia’s nuclear agency following a multi-million dollar “donation.”
–Additionally, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation failed to abide by their agreement with the Obama Administration, and have belatedly disclosed millions in unreported foreign donations.

Baltimore Riots: A Failed Response
–Much of this week’s violence could have been avoided, but lack of leadership from Baltimore’s Democratic run government failed to diffuse the situation.
–Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawling-Blake, went so far as to say that the “protesters” needed space to destroy things. It has also been reported that she even issued a stand down order to the police force.

Baltimore Riots: Failed Liberalism
–Baltimore last had a Republican mayor in 1967, and since then the city has had one party government.
–Over the past week, several liberal talking heads and politicians have mentioned that the Baltimore rioters are legitimately aggrieved and are reacting to oppressive forces.
–Liberal claims like the one above are not valid and do not give any consideration to the fact that America has a black president, that Baltimore has a black mayor, that Baltimore has a black city council, and that Baltimore has a black police commissioner. In fact, there have only been two white mayors in Baltimore over the past few decades.
–The events of this week illustrate what happens when a culture of dependency and entitlement is created by decades of liberal policies.
–These policies create an environment where the economy has failed and jobs are lacking, and where the citizenry believes the government owes them funds from more successful citizen’s largess.
–No amount of increased education spending, no amount of increased job training, no amount of tax payer funded job stimulus legislation will improve people’s livelihood in Baltimore for as long as agitators push an idea that there is no use putting forth an effort because the system is racist and, thus, hard work will not be rewarded.
–None of these policies will be worthwhile if minority children, who embrace the opportunity and work hard, are mocked by their peers as “acting white” and “not down for the struggle.”
–The difficult circumstances that many Baltimore citizens face are the result of liberal democrat policies and a culture that does not encourage discipline, hard work, and upward mobility.
–For real change and real improvement, culture norms must change. People of all races must speak up and illustrate in conversation and social media what most Americans already know deep down is wrong.

Quote of the Week
“When you live in a society you either live by the rules or by democratic process you change ‘em. You don’t break ‘em.” – Joe Friday

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