27 Apr
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Talking Points – 4-27

Weekly Talking Points

Another week, another Clinton scandal. Here are your weekly talking points.

Clinton Foundation
–According to the New York Times, and as detailed in the forthcoming book Clinton Cash, the Clinton Foundation accepted a multi-million cash donation from a Russian oligarch at the same time that the State Department was deciding whether to allow that oligarch’s company to control up to 20% of America’s uranium reserves.
–The multimillion cash donation went unreported, despite the Clinton’s agreement with the Obama Administration and disclosure laws.
–At the same time the deal was under consideration, the Clinton Foundation was also receiving tens of millions of dollars from shareholders in Uranium One (the company being purchased).
–As a result of the deal, the Russian government essentially controls half of American uranium supplies. Russia sends uranium to Iran. Consequently, American uranium could end up in Iranian hands while the negotiations are ongoing to curb their nu

Ship Movement: The Iran Saga Continues
–The aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and the missile cruiser U.S.S. Normandy have been moved towards Yemen increasing our naval presence to 9 ships. force in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Arabian Sea to 9 ships.
–The ships are designed to interdict Iranian arms shipments to Houthis rebels.
–It remains unclear, especially given the President’s longing for an Iranian nuclear deal, whether the President would stop Iranian naval vessels by force.
–Yemen has been touted by the Obama Administration as a model for fighting terrorism yet instability and radicalism have increased.–Iran lies at the heart of this problem as they have been funding and providing weapons for the insurgency.

Attorney General Loretta Holder
–Despite fierce Republican opposition (she only received 10 GOP votes), Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.
–GOP Senators expressed concerns that Lynch will be a rubber stamp on Administration policies like her predecessor Eric Holder.
–Lynch has already voiced support for Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive action on immigration.
–Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) stated that it’s unacceptable that the nation’s top law enforcement officer stands against the Constitution and for the evisceration of our laws.

–This week, The National Review published findings from a public records study that revealed 4 prominent MSNBC personalities owe back taxes.
–Toure Neblett owes $59,000; Joy-Ann Reid owes $5,000; Melissa Harris-Perry owes $70,000; and the “Reverend” Sharpton’s tax bill is near $4 million.
–All are major proponents of liberal ideology. All constantly cry on air about income inequality. All have probably displayed more hostility towards America’s wealthiest 1% than ISIS. They have all stated that the wealthy in America do not pay their “fair share” in taxes. Yet, they all fail to live up to what they demand on others and pay what has been determined to be their own “fair share.”

Quote of the Week
“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

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