27 Mar
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Weekly Talking Points

by the NYYRC Staff

Here are your weekly talking points. You won’t find any early April fools here.

The Price is Wrong
–The U.S. Army announced charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for desertion.
–The desertion charges allege that Bergdahl ended up in enemy hands because he intentionally abandoned his post with no intent to return.
–Last May, the Obama Administration broke our country’s long standing policy against negotiation with terrorists by trading the “Taliban Five” for Bergdahl.
–The “Taliban Five” were high value detainees held at Guantanamo Bay.
–Aside from fundamentally shifting U.S. policy by negotiating with terrorists, members of Congress were concerned that the executive action was illegal as federal law requires consultation with Congress prior to such exchanges. After investigation, the. GAO determined that the administration had in fact broken the law by executing the swap.
–The Obama Administration had celebrated the exchange stating that Bergdahl had served with distinction, but now he faces life in prison for desertion.
–Since the swap, three of the five terrorists have already rejoined the fight against the United States.

–Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) became the first Republican to officially enter the 2016 presidential race.
–Cruz told his audience at Liberty University that as president, he would stand for the Constitution, liberty, and restoring America unique role as the “shining city on a hill.”
–Due to their disdain for these ideals, Cruz’s announcement was met with disgust from both the liberal media as well as some members of the Republican establishment. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) went so far as to say that he “would jump off a bridge” if Cruz got the nod.

Supreme Court keeps Wisconsin voter ID law in place
–The new legislation requires voters to show government-issued identification. Governor Walker stated, “As we’ve said, this is a common sense reform that protects the integrity of our voting process, making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.”
–Voter ID should be a requirement in all states to ensure honest elections. Without an ID requirement, voter fraud is easy to commit.
–Support for Voter ID laws crosses racial and party lines. 60% of Democrats, 65% of Blacks, and 64% of Hispanics support Voter ID requirements, according to the Washington Post.
–Nevertheless, the Democratic Party and the liberal advocacy groups that support it contend that photo ID laws suppress voting rights and placed additional burdens on voters.
–The absurdity of Voter ID opponents is demonstrable when applied to other instances in which IDs are required. Commercial airlines are not accused of “suppressing minority flying” because IDs are required to board planes. Liquor store owners are not accused of “suppressing minority drinking” for asking all patrons to show a photo ID. When bankers ask loan applicants for photo IDs to open accounts, are they engaging in “banking suppression?”

Obama’s Budget
–President Obama’s $4 trillion budget proposal was defeated in the Senate by a vote of 98 to 1.
–President Obama’s budget earned a single vote this time, which is an improvement. Past budgets have been trounced having been defeated by 97-0 and 99-0 votes in 2011 and 2012, respectively.
–The budget had faced criticism for including tax increases and adding to the deficit through increased spending. It also planned to keep the nation in the red with no proposed balancing.
–Later this week, the House will vote on a Republican budget that would balance in a decade with $5 trillion in cuts and a full repeal of Obamacare will be voted on.
–The Republican budget will never be enacted due to Presidential veto, but it outlines Republican spending preferences, and the potential budgetary impact of Republican control of the White House.

Obama is Just Too Darned Busy to Meet with NATO’s Secretary General
–The vast majority of the NATO heads of state have met with new NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, but despite numerous requests Obama is just too busy.
–Obama’s calendar is purportedly light; the only things schedule were a meeting with the Afghan President on Tuesday, and two short speeches on Wednesday and Thursday.
–Meanwhile, Russian jets continue to conduct mock attacks in the Baltic and off the coast of the U.K. The Russians have also leased 12 bombers to Argentina, and claimed that they’d look favorably to Argentina’s claim to the Falklands.
–Baseball season is coming, so maybe the President is training to throw out the first pitch. He needs the practice – http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2077735-top-15-worst-first-pitches/page/2

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