7 Jan
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What Americans Can Learn from Baseball Hall of Fame Voters

By Dwayne Madison

On Tuesday the Baseball Hall of Fame announced selections for the class of 2015. Selections are made by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, and for the first time in over 60 years, the Association elected more than 3 players.  None of these three players were PED abusers such as Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds. Not only were these players not elected, but did not even come close to receiving the required vote to gain admittance.

The voting is welcome news illustrating how moral standards are still relevant in a major institution like our national pastime. Critics, the “who are we to judge” types, will complain that the criteria should be based solely on on-field performance, and that character issues are for priests and pastors, not baseball writers.

Election to the Hall is the ultimate baseball achievement.  PED abusers cheated. They cheated teammates, cheated competitors, put the country’s youth in danger by creating a drug culture, and tainted decades-old records set by players that performed legitimately.  Despite the declining decency standards pushed by pop culture, there is still a “right and wrong” and those who (all ballplayers cheat –even Hershiser) illegally enhance their performance through chemical means should not be rewarded.  If members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America had also served as media and Hollywood executives the past decade, Kim Kardashian would have rightfully remained an amateur porn star.  She would not have been rewarded with reality TV shows and magazine covers.  As a result, our culture and society would be much better off today.

Sure, nobody is perfect, but declining decency standards encourage unethical behavior.  Eventually the populace will generally accept, without any penalty, notions that “all politicians lie” or “all men cheat on their wives”.  Cultural elites will quickly mock and laugh at those that take a stand; fortunately, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America and the Hall of Fame have not fallen prey. Americans must follow the Association’s lead and reverse this downward trend! We need to be judgmental and speak up when our leaders and fellow citizens do not conduct themselves properly.

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