3 Sep
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Some Good News

If my recollection of Summer 2013 is correct, things were actually pretty quiet.  There was the Snowden thing, Morsi got deposed in Egypt, and the biggest news story by far was Miley Cyrus’ dance with Robin Thicke.

What a difference a year makes. Summer 2014 has been a debacle filled nightmare. Obama calls ISIS the “JV” team of terrorism, and ISIS proves him wrong by storming through Syria and northern Iraq. Israel goes to war in Gaza. Missing Nigerian schoolgirls. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Ferguson. Executed reporters, Ukraine invasions, thousands of illegal immigrants – many of them children – pouring into Texas, Ebola, and another mysterious plague that struck the IRS’ hard drives erasing them completely… and Obama’s tan suit – The Audacity of Taupe.

But now summer is over, so let’s look at some good news. Al Gore, who predicted that the polar ice cap would be completely gone by 2014, was proven wrong – between 2012 and 2014 there was a 43% increase in artic sea ice, some 5.62 million more square miles – See! Ice! Polar bears are having a good time, with numbers 10% higher than expected. According to the folks at the New York Times, the Republicans are poised to seize the Senate, in what could be the largest net gain since 1986. And of course there are the leaked tapes of my favorite celebrity, this Lamb Hopping Down Hallway.

In a final spate of good news, the NYYRC’s monthly social is tonight. As usual, the NYYRC’s inestimable Events Chair has chosen a stellar bar, the The Hill at 416 Third Ave, from 7 to 10 PM.  So come out, put some of that new Arctic sea ice into a cocktail, meet some fellow Republicans and have a good time.

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