26 Aug
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What the hell is going on in Syria?

Listening to the news, you’d think that America’s #1 enemy was Bashar al-Assad.  Newscasters, political analysts, and politicians will lead you to believe that the strongman who controls Syria is a ferocious dictator who thoughtlessly uses chemical weapons to murder his own people.  For my money, it looks like the chemical weapons were deployed by the goons in the Free Syrian Army, or some such faction.  But what is really going on?

Let’s break the situation down, piece by piece, gang by gang.

On the Assad side there are well-known allies.  These include Russia, Iran, and Iranian proxy Hezbollah.  Less well known are the North Koreans, who have been supplying weapons to Syria since at least the 1970s.  Some speculate that Assad’s chemical weapons are in fact North Korean, and they’re probably correct.

Yet besides the obvious cast of characters, Assad also seems to have picked up several other key allies.  These include Jordan, which has every reason to stop the so-called Arab Spring.  In reality, the Arab Spring has turned out to be nothing less than arming the religious totalitarians in Muslim Brotherhood, a relic of Nazi times, and today little more than an elaborate drug cartel operating under the guise of religiousity.  Israel, too, wants nothing to do with the Syrian rebels, many who have flocked into the country from Pakistan like mujahedeen.  Saudi Arabia, whose royal family has a history of Islamic insurgencies, also does not want to see Assad fall.

Still less reported are the organized crime interests that align with Assad.  These include what you might call, for lack of a better phrase, Christian-centered organized crime.  The Italian mob has long been in Syria, as have the Russians.  The Kurdish Workers’ Party, or PKK, known for heroin smuggling, has transited through Syria for decades.  The last thing they want is their turf controlled by al Qaeda and the Taliban.

On the other side of the equation are a number of nasty actors.  There’s Turkey, who has gone Muslim Brotherhood since it elected Erdogan in 2003.  Erdogan views Assad as an enemy of Islam, because he has allowed religious minorities to exist in relative peace.  There’s Qatar, who has bankrolled the Arab Spring, and whose influence on world affairs is completely outsized.  Al Jazeera, based out of Qatar and recently inking a deal with Al Gore, keeps the pressure on Obama, while blaming all atrocities within Syria (and Egypt, for that matter) on the secular military establishment.  Is Qatar to blame for the catastrophe of the Arab Spring?  Their fingerprints are in every country, from Libya to Syria, all the way to Pakistan and the ISI.  The government of Qatar operates a sovereign wealth fund, and in this endeavor proudly boasts they are seeking purely profits.

This raises the question: Is the Arab Spring first ideological, or first a business venture by Qatar?  To accuse the Qataris of being soulless capitalists may seem counter-intuitive; yet consider Dawood Ibrahim, the crime boss with links to al Qaeda and the ISI, who apparently views the Qatari royal family as his own person pet government.

Seem far-fetched to blame the conflagration across several continents on a tiny Gulf state with less than 2 million citizens?  Not many are willing to adopt the business model of for-profit terror.  Consider, however, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, was an employee of the Qatari Ministry of Electricity and Water.  Consider that Qatar has funded al Qaeda in Syria.  Consider that since the Arab Spring, drug usage and trafficking skyrocketed across North Africa and the Middle East.

Of course, it’s not just Brotherhood and al Qaeda-linked Qatar and Turkey who support the Syrian rebels.  The United States and the United Kingdom are apparently on a collision course with Assad.  What they expect to gain by overthrowing a secular dictator and installing a bunch of drug trafficking Islamist Nazis… that is the question that nobody wants to ask.  There may be hypothetical situation which call for risking a direct military confrontation with North Korea, Russia, Iran, while provoking their close allies (among them Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia).  Perhaps Obama judges it wise to risk America’s reputation among Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.  Yet for the sake of al Qaeda and Don Ibrahim?

You’ve got to be joking.

In this crazy scenario, so poorly reported by the hapless and shallow American media, the world is breaking into to camps: those who support terrorist, Islamic Nazis, who are largely narcos, and those who support Russia and the traditional gang of Orthodox/Italian, and Hezbollah, organized crime.  Say what you want about the terrorists in Hezbollah and the PKK – they aren’t trying to enslave the world under Sharia in a new narco-caliphate.

In summary, the conflict in Syria has four distinct strands:

1. Secularism (strongmen like Gaddafi, Mubarak, and Assad) vs. Sharia (Muslim Brotherhood)
2. Christianity vs. Islam (on a superficial level, anyway)
3. Russian Organized Crime (PKK) & North Korea vs. Qatari Organized Crime (al Qaeda)
4. U.S.A. vs. Russia (in an apparent continuation of the Cold War, with our new ally being the Muslim Brotherhood [??])

5. Throw in Obama vs. Putin (Alex Dugin) in the struggle for LGBT equality, and you have a decent picture of the world today.

Finally, consider the anecdote that Hezbollah and Israel are actually on the same side – supporting Assad – and we’re against them both.  Israel, it seems, has defected to Russia.  Could this get any stranger?

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