20 Aug
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Waking up to the War We’re In

Michael Ledeen had a column on Sunday in PJ Media entitled, “It’s War, You Idiots!”  Wrote Ledeen,

“It’s hard to get our minds around the dimensions of the slaughter underway in the Middle East and Africa, and harder still to see that the battlefields of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali are pieces in a global war in which we are targeted.  For the most part, the deep thinkers zero in on the single battlefields.  What if anything should we do about the big fight in Egypt?  Should we assist the Syrian opposition?  What to do in Lebanon or Jordan? Should we respond positively to the Iraqi government’s request for security assistance?  Is anyone thinking hard about Tunisia, likely to be the scene of the next explosions?

The war is easily described:  there is a global alliance of radical leftists and radical Islamists, supported by a group of countries that includes Russia, at least some Chinese leaders, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.  The radicals include the Sunni and Shi’ite terrorist organizations and leftist groups, and they all work seamlessly with the narcotics mafias.  Their objective is the destruction of the West, above all, of the United States.”

Mr. Ledeen is mostly correct.  I also appreciate his use of the word “idiot,” because the people who should know better apparently don’t.  Obama really has sparked a war by destabilizing the Middle East, and bungling the fight against organized crime across most continents.

Here’s a run down of the countries involved in this war against narco-caliphate:

  • In Turkey, secularists protests raged in Taksim Square against the rule of Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan.  Erdogan has imprisoned Kemalist (i.e. secularist) political opposition and military leaders, on charges arising from a series of show trials known over an alleged conspiracy known as Ergenekon.  Erdogan cracked down on these protests violently.  Erdogan, of course, is Obama’s close friend.
  • In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was constitutionally recalled by voters after a short rule that produced no economic growth and was marked by violence against Christians and Jews.  Right now, Egyptian secularists, especially Christians and moderate Muslims, are waging a war in the streets against armed bands of Ikhwani partisans.
  • Bangladesh is descending into utter chaos following sentencing of Jamaat-e-Islami leader, the local Muslim Brotherhood party in February.  Abdul Quader Mollah was convicted of rape and mass murder on charges from 1965.  The country, like many others, is divided between supporters of democracy and supporters of Sharia.
  • In Kashmir, once again, Indian and Pakistani forces are exchanging fire.  Pakistan’s mendacious Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, which harbored Osama bin Laden, is at the heart of much the global Islamist revolution.  For decades, the ISI has provided money and arms to Muslim Brotherhood insurgencies around the globe.  The ISI also provides cover for underworld drug lord Dawood Ibrahim, the World’s #3 most wanted man.
  • In Syria, a broad coalition of Muslims, including Alawis and Shiites, Christians, and Kurds are battling Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda mujahedeen who would overthrow Bashar Assad and install a Sharia-based, totalitarian state.
  • In Libya, the governing (Muslim Brotherhood) Justice and Construction Party offices were under siege by protestors following the assassination of an anti-Brotherhood political activist as he left a mosque.
  • Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is destabilizing North Africa, including Mali, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria.  AQIM is little more than smuggling ring who brings goods from western Africa north to the Mediterranean, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.  Many AQIM employees fighters claim that it’s simply a good way to earn a living.
  • In Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three states to the north of the country.  Boko Haram, aka Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad, is waging war on the Nigerian government to institute Sharia across the religiously diverse country.
  • In Afghanistan, Karzai doesn’t trust Obama and is fending off an advance from the Taliban.  Apparently, the United States is negotiating with the Taliban.


As for the narcotics aspect, Mr. Ledeen’s analysis needs sorting out.  Iran, Venezuela, and the FARC countries are not exactly pro-Brotherhood.  To start with, Hezbollah, which is all over Venezuela, is Shiite.  Shiite Islam is respected by Aleksandr Dugin, has a close ally in Iran.  Also recall that Edward Snowden was shopping his asylum across FARC countries, including Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia.  If anything, the FARC countries are pro-Russia.  This is because since the Cold War they have been a) a Communist Party, partly established by the USSR b) trading partners, exchanging cocaine for arms.  It seems that the one time truce between competing interets, which had the FARC/Russian bloc working alongside the Islamists and ISI has broken down over the Syrian turf war.  Split Syria into two camps: AQIM vs. PKK; ISI vs. GRU; Islam vs. Orthodox Church.  The parallels seems to hold up, whether in South America or Syria.

Behind the facade of Islamism, Naziism, Pan-Arab Nationalism… whatever the cause of the day… is the boss.  In this case, it’s Dawood Ibrahim, who has Pakistan’s ISI bought and paid for.  The ISI serves as his personal bodyguard and army, his international negotiator with a seat at the UN, and the enforcement arm for his vast underworld enterprise that includes drugs, money laundering, and movie making.

In a nutshell, the Cold War is back on.  This time around the United States has chosen as its chief ally not Western Europe, but the Muslim Brotherhood… a Nazi party in all but name whose foot soldiers are involved deeply in the narcotics trade.  On the other side is side Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian Orthodox Christian fundamentalist, a mentor of Putin and Medvedev, who also admires Nazis and Fascists (particularly Julius Evola),; and on the other Obama, a clear supporter of the Ikhwan’s intentions, be they in Turkey, Syria, or Egypt, etc.

Where does this leave the normal person?  It’s recalls the position of East Germany, caught between Nazism and Communism – two horrible choices that really weren’t that different at the end of the day.  Still, one must consider that it is the Brotherhood who is brandishing the sword of the conqueror, not Russia.  If there’s one group chiefly responsible upsetting global order, it’s the Brotherhood and their puppet master, Dawood Ibrahim.



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