13 Apr
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Mr. Ed: Central Park Horses

Issues such as housing and jobs have been put on the back burner by Democrats to address the more important topic; Central Park horses.  A $1 million ad by animal lovers is due to arrive soon, attacking Christine Quinn’s support of the horse-carriages. Quinn, who see’s herself as an animal lover, has proposed that she will seek a “no-kill” policy for the city’s animal shelters if elected, but that is not enough for the “real” animal lovers. On Wednesday a few dozen horse-carriage protestors met in the Upper West Side were the majority of them said they are single-issue voters. Enter Democrat candidate Bill de Blasio. If he wins, he promises on the very first day in City Hall, he will ban the horse-drawn carriages. Republican candidates have not issued any statements on the topic. Perhaps because they see housing, education, crime and security, and jobs as being more imperative.

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