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30 Jun
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100th NYYRC Annual Dinner Thank You

Thank you to all those who attended the 100th Annual Alumni Dinner Gala and to all who have contributed to ensuring its success. We had an outstanding lineup of speakers, an amazing band, great food, and above all, wonderful company. We were delighted to have with us:

  • Congressman Louie Gohmert, this years recipient of the New York Young Republican Award
  • 81st Attorney General to the United States, Michael B. Mukasey, this years recipient of the Herbert Brownell Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Chris Wight, this years recipient of the Candidate of the Year Award
  • Stephen Baldwin, this years emcee
  • Nick Palumbo and the Flipped Fedoras

We thank them for their support and generosity towards the Club.

16 Jun
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No Room for Vice in Vice President

As this has been a very tight primary race with Romney finally emerging as the much anticipated Republican nominee, the vice presidential candidate will be more important than ever. In a race that is most likely going to come down to the crosshairs, the difference between gaining the most votes from independents, women or minorities could indeed come down to the Republican nominee’s choice for second-in-command both on the campaign trail and in an eventual White House takeover.

As Romney is gaining momentum as the Republican leader to unify the GOP, it will be indispensable to have more than a sidekick, but a strong and willful republican candidate in his own right. This potential running mate must possess strong qualities that people can trust and relate to. Furthermore, this person must be ready to fulfill the duties of president, no babbling Biden’s or unknown newbies.

Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor who many were rooting for in the early stages of primary season, would be a choice that could bring together Republicans from all ends of the spectrum, uniting the political party come election time. Meanwhile, Senator Rubio of Florida would help seal more of the Hispanic vote both in his own swing state and around the nation, a growing demographic that has the potential to decide an election.

This is Romney’s most crucial decision prior to the November polling period , and his team is most likely already in the process of experimenting with possible players. Right now the field is full of hungry thoroughbreds ready to run, and Romney must decide who has the greatest chance of helping him reach the finish line first. Christie’s deliberate mannerisms and debating skills would indeed give Governor Romney an edge as a no-nonsense political pundit who is ready and willing to take on President Obama. Rubio is a gentle faced Latino who won the hearts of voters in the Sunshine State, quickly rising up the ranks as a favorite frontrunner. His young family and vivacious vibrancy would bring great enthusiasm into the race, appealing to a new generation of young voters, a group known to sway more to the liberal left. It’s been said that JFK seemed to be the obvious choice for President after viewers noticed his Old World charm and good looks during a televised debate, and Romney and Rubio would certainly be quite a presidential looking pair.

A most ideal vice presidential candidate must have a strong record of supporting Republican ideals while also understanding what people are most unhappy with under the Obama administration, from healthcare to failed economic policies. He must rally the American spirit in the country, Independents and Tea Party consorts alike, a strong presence while also bringing an unrestrained enthusiasm for his candidate.

Those who helped establish Romney as a presidential figure during the nomination have most probably been receiving phone calls, such as Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, an undeniably crucial and close voting stomping grounds. In a race that is expected to be one of the closest in recent times, the state might very well determine the election.

While women’s issues have been a major concern in the country with contraception issues becoming a national religious as well as political debate, Romney has his pick of six diverse women in governorship roles throughout the country, yet it is unclear whether Romney will find it necessary to pick a woman to address these concerns. He will most likely want someone with some experience to fall back on so as to strengthen the long standing argument that Senator Obama was less than qualified to take on the role of president, leading to the country to fall into an even deeper recession, with failed economic policies and social reforms. Back on the campaign trail in 2008 when Obama promised to create a brighter future for the US, who voted for the one time senator on the premise he was planning to add healthcare for all onto the agenda? Rather, he was voted in to move the economy and create job growth, and now Romney and his soon to be VP must follow through on this failed promise.

As Romney just weeks ago clinched the nomination, he and his advisors will most definitely be researching and reviewing the candidates who will propel the fight even further. From prominent states to political pundits, the chosen one must possess the background and energy to make 2013 the year Republicans take back the reins.