5 Dec
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Support Doug Urbanski NOW!

Dear Readers,

Reagan’s famous “11th Commandment” warned that ““Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Maybe I recommend a 12th?

“Thou shalt not abandon fellow Republicans in the fight against liberalism” …  Which brings me to a letter I received from a friend.

“William,” it read “Do you remember a few months back you helped me out with Conservative talk show host, Douglas Urbanski? You were so kind enough to announce it on the [NYYRC] website…. Well… due to Liberal [expletive deleted] The Doug Urbanski Show is going to be off the air in ten days. The show has high ratings. But a new bunch of peeps are coming in, that leans towards Liberal ideas, and Doug is out.”

While I have no doubt that Doug, conservative broadcaster and Hollywood agent, will find new work – and that the liberal who replaces him will fail, just like the pathetic Air America – let’s show our support for those who speak our values by visiting his website and listening to his show!  He has another 10 shows left.

Tune in!  Call in!  Send a message that in these perilous times, conservatives won’t be marginalized.  It’s through grassroots activism like this that we will win our country back.

Very sincerely yours,


P.S. – You can visit his producer’s conservative website here: http://www.imao.us/

P.P.S. – It wasn’t such a bad expletive.  Just “schmucks.”  But it was hard to resist the reference.

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