14 Oct
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OWS’s Jewish Problem

Some evidence to weigh when judging OWS (and other Occupy movements):

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head at OWS

OWS Protester Proclaims “The Jews Control Wall St.” in Zucotti Park Rant

Mark Levin reviews audio of OWS Protesters, recorded by WABC Radio in NY

“Crazy anti-Semitic Guy”

Hate at Occupy Wall Street

More Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles


Finally, while not anti-Semitic, the video below clearly shows the mob-like, almost demonic elements of the movement.  Of all the videos, perhaps this is the most unnerving.  The will of participating individuals is subsumed into the collective will and guided by the creepy dude in the red shirt, who serves as a kind of medium for the group’s “consensus” in true Hegelian fashion.

Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Is it not absolutely repulsive the way these people speak and act?  Try to find some examples of Tea Partiers spewing such hateful language on YouTube.  Upon your search, maybe you’ll find this:

The OWS clips posted above are disturbing and indicative of a movement that is more concerned with stoking the embers of chaos rather than reforming the system.   (If it were unnecessary to share the videos with a broader audience for educative purposes, I’d let them alone to never be seen and heard again.)  They are also severely politically incorrect; which is to say that no elected official would ever get away with talking like that – not yet, anyway.  Despite this being so, President Obama and former Speaker Pelosi have both explicitly sympathized with the movement.

Contrast OWS with the Tea Party.  The news media refuse to report the darker underbelly of the Occupiers, yet has spent years trying to find definitive examples Tea Party racism.  Scour YouTube for such examples and you may find questionable signs, and comparisons of the Obama administration to different forms of Marxism.  However, what is remarkable is that in a 3 year old movement with millions and millions of members, only a very small number of such videos are available.  The majority of the Tea Party is made up of hardworking, peaceable, and respectful people: largely parents and grandparents concerned about the future for their children.

On the other hand, consider that OWS is hardly 3 weeks old there are already a plethora of instances of hate speech directed at a certain religion and individuals of a so-called economic class.  Is this footage splashed CNN, ABC, or NBC?  Is the NYT running an expose on the radical elements of OWS and their provocative  language?  Do the protesters regularly receive lectures that their extremism is dangerous, like Tea Partiers must endure (when in fact what they insist is that the Federal government should operate within its lawful bounds)?

The media has been caught, again, covering for the left.  Equally alarming is the support that these anarchists have received from the Democrat party.  Americans, slow to act but quite discerning, should soon come to associate OWS and its radicals with the Democrat party itself.

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