12 Oct
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Occupy Wall Street and President Naomi Klein

As a New Yorker, a conservative Republican, and Editor-in-Chief of the NYYRC’s official blog, I feel compelled to offer some commentary on the misfits collectively known as “Occupy Wall Street” who are trashing Zucotti Park downtown.  I suggest that elements of my background may lend some credibility to the following commentary.  For example, I have been a conservative activist since 2004; I learned of the Canadian organization Adbusters (the neo-socialist group behind OWS) while living in Canada years ago; I joined the Tea Party shortly after its formation; I worked for both a “Wall Street” bank and security exchange; and finally I’ve spent the last three years studying and observing this modern day depression, as well as the policies and people who are perpetuating it.  Let’s start at the beginning.

Who is Adbusters? They are a small group of radicals devoted to ending capitalism.  They sponsor Buy Nothing Day and Buy Nothing Christmas, which encourage people to abstain from all commercial activities at least two days per year.  At their core they are Marxists, denouncing the alleged spirit-crushing evils of capitalism.  Their stated goal is to “topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century.”  Adbusters are the organizers of OWS, as evident by their homepage.

Closely related in belief to Adbusters is Canadian author Naomi Klein, whose book The Shock Doctrine identifies the economics of Milton Friedman as a source of cultural corruption.  Klein’s first book, No Logo, is described by Wikipedia as a “manifesto for anti-corporate globalization movement.” In other words, business is the enemy of the people and must be controlled strictly, if not entirely appropriated, by government.  While such anti-capitalist frothing may be acceptable on college campuses worldwide, reality has thus far rendered the likes of Adbusters and Klein adherents a fringe group that appeals to the bohemian lifestyle of unemployed dilettantes.

But it’s not only mush-headed students who are part of this movement.  Indeed, it is diverse and includes Marxists, neo-Nazis, bestials, violent revolutionaries, anarchists, , druggies and sexual exhibitionists, vagrants, 1960’s hippies, and other such parasites and know-nothing types.  OWS famously blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and clashed with the local authorities.  A list of thirteen OWS demands can be found here, and includes everything from the pat (Restoration of the Living Wage) to the zany (reestablishing … the natural flow of river systems) to the ludicrous (Outlaw all credit reporting agencies).   Thrown in for leftist orthodoxy are Single Payer Healthcare and Open Borders.  If something works for other people, whether that be capitalism or the damning of a river, you can bet they’re against it.

More recently, these hooligans have been joined by Democrat constituent groups such unions.  Many prominent Democrats, ranging from members of Congress (notably former Speaker Pelosi) to President Obama himself, have expressed sympathy with OWS.  The movement has spread to other cities outside of New York, including Atlanta and Washington D.C., where protesters sought to storm the Smithsonian.  OWS, like Adbusters, has gone international.  I know this because on Sunday I was in Montreal, and three bearded individuals speaking French were rallying park-goers to attend “Occupy Montreal.”  Yes, Adbusters is also dedicated to “toppling the existing power structure” that is the socialist government of Canada.

In this hardcore anti-establishment vein, communist firebrand and former White House Czar Van Jones described OWS as the “American Autumn,” a not-so-subtle allusion to the so-called “Arab Spring” that swept across the Middle East, deposing dictators and leaving many countries, most notably Egypt, in dangerous political turmoil.  No doubt Jones considered the Arab Spring fortuitous; Communists are revolutionaries for revolutions’ sake, and nothing excites a modern day Jacobian like the prospect of punishing enemies with force.  Putting asides the dangerous aspirations of this former Obama confidant, the very fact that a high ranking, politically connected Democrat with ties to the White House helped organize these protests demonstrates conclusively that OWS is not a spontaneous movement but a desperate political ploy by the Democrat Party looking to generate excitement amidst collapsing support by Americans.

Nearly since the beginning of this spectacle, the media has done their best to portray OWS as a liberal equivalent of the Tea Party movement.  Occasionally, a mainstream media pundit will say that OWS and the Tea Party have much in common – for example, their distrust of power.  At The Atlantic, a contributing writer even offers a “conservative defense” of OWS.  Such comparisons and attempts are difficult to stomach, and their repeated appearance is one reason why I’m taking the time to explain who OWS consists of and why they are nothing like the law abiding conservatives who make up the Tea Party.

In the two years plus since the spontaneous organization of the Tea Party, I cannot recall even one criminal act being committed by Tea Partiers.  Despite multiple attempts by the media to portray it as a racist movement bent on overthrowing the government (presumably, following this twisted logic, because the current president if half black), not one video has emerged as evidence to this narrative.  Although there have been repeated attempts to smear Tea Partiers by the media and even by elected Representatives, the truth that has emerged in the end simply doesn’t fit the stereotype.  The rise of Herman Cain among GOP presidential candidates further explodes the myth of a racist Tea Party, as it infuriates the left.  As for the ludicrous claim the the Tea Party is anti-government (as opposed to anti-Big Government), its critics are sadly too dull to understand that Constitutional government requires that elected officials respect the limits placed upon them by the highest law in the land.  Conservatives support a constitutionally limited federal government, as every decent American should.  As a final point of contrast, all accounts of Tea Party rallies have been famous for their respect of the venue, nearly complete lack of litter, and heartfelt patriotism.

OWS is not liberal Tea Party; they are the losers of society who have nothing better to do but waste time and be destructive.  Of course, society has always had and always will have its losers, and a portion of them will always be sore losers.  That’s fine; conservatives do nothing if not relentlessly accept the imperfectability of man.  However, it does say something about our current president and his party that they sound more like the radical Marxist Naomi Klein than the republicans James Madison or John Adams.

There will be more to come…

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