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Self-Inflicted Injury

“As long as I’m in the White House, I’m going to stand up for collective bargaining.”

— President Barack Obama

September 5, 2011

For all you unemployed out there, that’s “Happy Labor Day” from your president.  Collective bargaining promises will do nothing to improve labor markets.  Are you still wondering why things haven’t improved?

Smarmier Democrats are wont to repeat the refrain that Obama will be elected because the Republicans have no one to offer.  Your opinion of Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Hermann Cain aside, this assertion grows thinner each day.  The latest polls Obama only garners 38% approval, and loses the projection of running against the generic Republican.  Yet we hear the media enthusiastically endorse the idea of one professor that Obama can’t lose.

I suspect that the reason that many Democrats cannot seem to accept the cold fact that Barack Obama has failed as a president, at least judged by the American people,  is that they are blinded by their hatred of former President Bush.  Party Democrats created the media image of Bush as the “worst president ever”, or close to it.  Bush was independently accused of promoting torture and mass-murder (and was compared to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot, as well as labeled the world’s biggest terrorist by some groups), for supporting the “rich” at the expense of the middle class and eventually branded a Wall St. sell-out, a Constitution destroyer, and a utter moron besides.  Many Democrats believed that George W. Bush was a corrupt leader capable of destroying the country, and a sizable number were convinced he was trying to establish a Christian theocracy (with former Attorney General John Ashcroft).  Granted the more extreme claims were not mainstream thought, the underpinnings were laid carefully by liberal academia.

The Left, as a result, has inherited from the Bush years a political tunnel vision.  Extremely self-satisfied and unrepentant, they are too clever by half.  In their reckoning, the Bush smearing proved to the country once and for all that Republican administrations are evil, and it would never turn back.  The party praise the austerity from authority, and believe that it is good for the conscience.  Obama and his party see that we must learn to live within our environmental and imperial means.

Luckily, the number of people who are still duped by this delusional thinking is dwindling.  It is President Obama, not President Bush, who may come to be considered one the most ideologically minded of all presidents.  Although this is a stunning reversal of common wisdom, current data supports this hypothesis.

Recent polls have Obama losing support among critical Democrat voter groups such as women, hispanics, and blacks.  General unemployment is not expected to fall below 9% for years.  Underemployment hangs at just below 20%.  Unemployment is highest among black youth.  Obama’s policy initiatives have failed to ignite the economy recovery engine.  The global economy worsens with America in her weakest financial position perhaps ever.

While Democrats felt justified in their final assessment of the Bush economy after the market collapse of 2008, they drew the wrong lessons.  Bush the Spender had bankrupted us, not Bush the Capitalist.  Bush the Capitalist had delivered low unemployment and prosperity.  Low unemployment and prosperity were a result of Bush the Capitalist.  Obama is Bush the Spender Plus, and doesn’t have a capitalist bone in his body.  Consider government spending a barometer of the level of government activity in the economy.  This number has increased, not decreased under Obama, and his policies create further legal and financial ambiguity.  Recession calls for government retreat and lessened regulations and a stable, predictable fiscal picture.  It has been as if President Obama is blind to the recession, and has one fixed goal of institutionalizing the legislative priorities of his party.  Curiously, all major policy decisions by the Democrat party in the last few years have been anti-growth and pro big government.

The bitter irony for so many patriotic Democrats is that the country was behind them in 2008 and willing to give their policies adequate time to effect improvement.  The Party, instead of recognizing the perilous situation that the nation’s people were in and freeing up our economy through lower taxes and less regulation, chose to stick to its own political ambitions.  The silver lining for those who are uninterested in radical political change is that the lingering unemployment crisis is too much for their constituents to take.

Bush hatred later became engendered in the phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”  Perhaps the failure of a liberal icon in the presidency may be the cure for this so-far persistent condition, as they realize what total failure actually looks like.

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