23 Sep
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President Palin?

What’s that ?? Did I hear that correctly?? Sarah Palin is only 5 Percentage points behind President Obama in a new poll!. For someone who sees Russia from her backyard in Alaska and has yet to declare a bid for the White House, this is a remarkable achievement. The former Governor of Alaska continues to travel around the Country riling up the good ol Tea Party folks and regularly appearing as a guest on the Fox News Channel.

This is clearly a referendum on Barack Obama’s failed policies and lousy economy. The “anointed one” as Rush Limbaugh calls him, continues to pray for government spending and higher taxes, which could very well send America into another great depression. Haven’t we spent enough money over the past 3 years? Didn’t the first stimulus bill fail? Isn’t the country on the verge of an historic financial collapse?

Sarah Palin is a very polarizing figure. People love her or hate her. She is a goddess among Tea Party activists and a rockstar throughout the Republican party. While she can be accused of making corky and unconventional comments, the media truly takes pleasure in harming her reputation. She does not deserve to be treated the way she has been by the American public and left wing media. She speaks her mind and is a role model for all women wanting to advance themselves in this world. Where have all the women’s organizations been in defending one of the most powerful and influential women of our time? Hillary Clinton is praised and heralded, yet Sarah Palin is a zealous, right wing fanatic.

In the end, Sarah Palin can only be accused of one thing; caring greatly for the United States of America. She loves our country and will do anything to defend her. As President, she would certainly bring back a sense of patriotism to the White House, something we lack today. I have yet to endorse any candidate for the 2012 Presidential election, but it is telling that she only trails by a few percentage points in the polls. The Republican Party is ripe for another strong voice and Sarah Palin fits that mold. She cannot be taken lightly and can be a game changer for her party. Whether she chooses to run or not, I hope this Country will stop pouncing on her at every opportune time and finally respect her as someone who cares, has chosen to live her dream and decided to make a positive impact on the greatest country on earth.

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