3 Sep
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Bob Turner, Tied with Weprin, earns Daily News endorsement

Bob Tuner was recently endorsed by the New York Daily News, which wrote:

With no name recognition and little money, he scored an astounding 40% of the vote against the well-known Weiner last year. And the polls now put Turner within easy striking distance of Democratic rivalĀ David Weprin.

Turner has the right central priority: tackling the federal deficit and creating a climate for job growth.

Recent polling has Turner tied with Weprin to replace disgraced Democrat, Congressman Anthony Weiner.

To get involved with or donate to the Turner campaign, visit his website BobTunerforCongress.com.

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1 Comment

  • Even a remotely close election, in a district in which there are 3 Democrats for every Republican, would be a major repudiation of Obama.