14 Aug
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More New Yorkers Disapprove than Approve of Obama

More New Yorkers Disapprove than Approve of Obama
by Chris Edwards

The first New York poll released after the conclusion of debt ceiling negotiations shows a striking slump in support for Barack Obama in New York.  A Quinnipiac University poll released on August 12 shows that 49% of New Yorkers disapprove of his performance, while only 45% approve, reflecting a sharp drop in his approval rating, by 8 points, from the previous Quinnipiac poll released on June 29.

Particularly noteworthy are Obama’s approval ratings among:

·         Independents (36% approve, 58% disapprove)

·         New York City residents (57% approve, 31% disapprove)

·         Democrats (75% approve, 19% disapprove)

·        Union households (46% approve, 49% disapprove)

Compared to Obama’s performance in 2008, his support has eroded among New Yorkers, both statewide and in New York City, by approximately 28%.  He won 62.9% of the votes cast statewide in 2008, as well as 79% in New York City.

Declines in support for Obama may be harming other Democrats.  For example, the Democrat hoping to succeed fellow Democrat Anthony Weiner to represent portions of Brooklyn and Queens in Congress is ahead of GOP candidate Bob Turner by only six points (48% to 42%), perhaps due in part to popular former New York City Democratic mayor Ed Koch’s endorsement of Turner.

The significant erosion in Barack Obama’s support in a state and city in which he won some of his highest vote totals in 2008 should be of serious concern for Democrats.









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