12 Aug
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Mid-August Musings

Here are some thoughts, mostly conservative, of no particular relation.

1. Manhattan Mini Storage has arguably the most vile ads of any company that advertises on the subway.  I’d rather learn where one can get clear skin, where to sign up for a study on heroine abuse, or how to manage impotence than be surrounded by MMS’s anti-Republican/conservative propaganda.  Apparently the city is so dependently liberal that instead of hiring a marketing department to generate sales, they merely repackage MSNBC’s drivel and add their logo.  From tasteless abortion jokes to mundane hatred of Sarah Palin, the only thing that surprises me is that liberals can actually run a successful enterprise.  Maybe it’s run by savvy/cynical conservatives?  Speculation aside, it does offer more evidence to support my belief that liberalism is a kind of religion in this town.  (Think about it: As a Republican, would political affiliation ever enter your mind when choosing a warehouse?  Or for that matter, a mechanic, travel agent, or plumber?)

how original!

2. It’s incredible to me the difference in opinion between so-called “stars” and ordinary Americans.  Not a day goes by without a celebrity making an utter fool himself, opining on the issues of the day.  Recently we were treated to another such incident from the always willing to sound off Matt Damon.  Apparently, according to Matt, people go to work because they love it, not because they are provided incentives (such as pay, promotion, benefits, etc.).  When the cameraman dared offer one sentence of dissent, the brave Matt cursed him out.  You see, he not only gets paid millions per movie to act like a tough guy on film; no, he walks the walk, too.  If somewhere a cameraman suggests that even one bad teacher may exist, Matt’s ready with a snarky expletive laden insult.

3. A lot of comparisons are being made between today’s economy and the economy of  the 1970’s.  Jimmy Carter, widely regarded as the most liberal president before Barack Obama, lost his re-election bid in a crushing defeat by Ronald Reagan due to stagflation.  Reagan was elected, implemented conservative policies, and unleashed the creative energy of Americans that led to economic boom.  Obama’s liberal policies have created a modern day Great Depression, and again Americans are looking to conservative leaders (particularly in the Tea Party) for solutions.  This being said (and understood), why is it that only 30 years later, so many people are perplexed that liberal policies are again failing miserably?  Has the collective memory suffered amnesia to this level?  Is this the legacy of public education?  Honestly, I don’t get it.

4.  I was very fortunate tonight to be seated in the president’s seats at Yankee stadium.  (Bad game for the Yanks… lost 5-1 and CC got rocked by 5 homers.)  Someone had won the tickets at auction and asked me if I wanted to come.  What I did not know until tonight was that Randy Levine, president of the Yankees, was in the Reagan administration.  He also served in NYC government as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.  The seats, as you would imagine, were great: mezzanine level between home plate and first base.

5. Two of my favorite commentators are Mark Levin and Mark Steyn.  Both are funny and intelligent, and have a good dose of curmudgeonly hard-headedness (a quality integral to conservatism) to keep them from becoming cheerleaders for the Republican Party.  So, you can imagine my pleasure when Steyn joined Levin on his radio program to promote his new book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon.  You can listen to their conversation about America’s precarious  financial condition, cultural divide, and prognostications for free by downloading the August 9 Levin program for free here.  The interview is the last segment of the program.

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