31 Aug
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What an Eagle Might See

Looking down today at the ravaged society that post-Constitutionalism has created, the observer is struck by a multitude of standout examples that illustrate the current-state of the decay.

In his denouncement of Andre Carson’s recent remark that “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree”, Republican and Tea Party leader Allen West threatened to leave the Congressional Black Campus, to which Carson belongs;

Exxon Mobile sues the Federal Gov’t after having its leases prematurely terminated;

The number of deaths in Afghanistan of U.S. troops hits an all-time high of 66 troops in the month of August 2011;

A stock market expecting QE3;

A president at an all-time low approval rating among women;

Unemployment stuck in high gear;

Debt, debt, and more debt;

What one singular attribute do all of these diverse events have in common?  One man and his party – President Barack Obama.

Acrimony is practically blatant.  The murderous racial image of lynch mob is being hurled by Senior Democrats in Congress at their opponents.  A black man defends his own Republican party against charges of racism.

A major firm sues the Federal gov’t for essentially cancelling its right to drill for oil.  Not only does this suggest that the Federal government is in fact bullying oil and coal companies, but it is also interesting to surmise that perhaps Exxon has decided to publicly turn on the sitting president.

A revolting number of U.S. military were killed in Afghanistan this month.  The war wages on bloodier than ever, without much notice by the Democrat party constituents who were broadly “anti-war.”  The administration seems as unfocused on Afghanistan as it is on Iraq and even Libya.  America finds herself embattled in three wars that the press largely overlook.

An economy shaken to its core and just limping.  A record number of citizens are getting food stamps, and unemployment remains elevated at at least 9%.  National debt remains a concern, as does government spending.  Banks are beginning to lend, leading many to suspect that the long awaited widespread inflation may be around the corner.

And in foreign lands America’s foes grow stronger and more brazen.  The middle east brews with uncertainly in its transitional period from long-time dictatorships.  China builds its military.  Russia remains untrustworthy and seems prepared to work directly in concert with our greatest enemies.

This is a time of American weakness in the world, as chosen by the Democrat party.  This cynical, rogue administration and previous Democrat Congress have done nothing substantial since taking office besides implementing huge chunks of their state-centered agenda, including nationalizing the healthcare system.  The depression continues indefinitely as our government pursues its of returning American into one giant nature preserve, save what the government says we can (and likely must) do.

It should be obvious to us is that government is causing rather than addressing this decline.  Conservatism and strict adherence to the principles in the American Constitution will liberate the people, the economy, and the spirit like a breath of fresh air.  In the meantime we must ride out the storm, and organize quickly for the next election.

DISCLAIMER: This post and the contents thereof are the views of only the author identified immediately above and do not necessarily represent the views of the New York Young Republican Club (the "NYYRC"), its officers or its members. The NYYRC expressly disclaims responsibility for the contents thereof and by its charter documents may not, and does not, endorse any candidate for any office, except in a general election.

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