29 Jul
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Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, Rich Lowry, Mona Charen, WSJ Editorial Board.  All these sources and more support the fuzzy and feckless Boehner plan.  So many of the voices that conservatives can depend on are falling like dominoes, and “getting their asses in line” for the Speaker.  I say puke.

What good does it do to pass a plan that does not seriously address threat of insurmountable debt?  Why, of all people, Prof. Sowell is on board with this I cannot understand.  Speaker Boehner’s plan will push off the difficult decisions to a committee of Republicans and Democrats, and in the short term give Obama more money to spend.

The Republican Party, despite having the support of the vast majority of the country (2/3 support a Balanced Budget Amendment!), has caved.

The few remaining holdouts include the two Marks, and Sarah Palin.  John McCain, for his pathetic part, has joined the WSJ calling the Tea Partiers “hobbits.” A disgraceful smear that says much more about McCain and the WSJ than it does normal, concerned, and engaged Americans.

Right now – the debt ceiling debate – is the time to fight Obama and stop his agenda.  At least that’s what conservatives were told when Boehner previously capitulated to the Democrats over the continuing resolutions.  Now we’re being told 2012 is when we’ll make our stand.  Speaker Boehner, you look like Neville Chamberlain more and more everyday.  For somebody so concerned about your daughters, it’s very odd that your timidity overshadows any courage.

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