19 Apr
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President Obama’s hypocrisy

A terrific example of Obama’s willingness to sanctimoniously school us on how to be post-partisan, and then violate his own principles was on display last week. At the same time that the President demagogued Paul Ryan’s fiscal plan by alluding to how it’s going to kill Granny, a video was played from the speech President Obama made to the Republican conference in 2010 during the health care debate. In it, Obama pronounces the importance of not demagoguing an opponent’s position by saying that it’s going to kill off our loved ones or society’s most vulnerable. I guess this rule applies to everyone but the President himself. The contrast only shows how unserious the President really is about bringing about civility when his election is one year away.

Below is an excellent article by Peggy Noonan on Obama’s reelection bid:


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