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Paul Ryan’s got the idea, but we can do even more

Today, Paul Ryan revealed his long-term budget plan that would start in 2012. It does dig deep into solving some of or financial problems we are facing as a nation. In a blog written by Philip Klein from the Washington Examiner, Klein mentions how Ryan would reduce spending:

So how does Ryan achieve these numbers? To start with, it isn’t with
tax hikes. In fact, revenues would actually decline significantly under his plan, something that we’ll no doubt be hearing more of among liberal critics.

Instead, Ryan focuses primarily on the spending side of the ledger.

Specifically, Ryan’s proposal would:

— Repeal the national health care law in its entirety.

— Change Medicare for those 55 and younger to give them the ability to choose among different types of health care plans that would be subsidized by the government. The value of the subsidies would vary so that poorer and sicker beneficiaries would receive more than richer and wealthier ones.

— Reform Medicaid so that it is block-granted to the states, putting it on a predictable fiscal course and giving governors’ more flexibility.

–Take Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ suggestions of $178 billion in cuts to the Pentagon budget, but use $100 billion of that to reinvest in other, higher priority, defense programs.

–Reduce domestic (non-entitlement spending) back to below 2008 levels, and then freeze that for five years, and cap the overall budget at a level below 20 percent of the economy, its historic average.

–Simplify the corporate and individual tax code, ending deductions and loopholes while lowering the corporate tax and the top individual tax bracket to 25 percent.

This is good. However, more important items are missing in order to ensure spending levels are down.

1) Red tape and regulations

The one thing that can hurt a business just as bad as high taxes is red tape and regulation. The less red tape and regulation there is in all levels of government, the better the chances of higher revenue, expansion, and success a business will have. Getting rid of Obamacare is just one big red tape, but there are others out there that need to be reduce or eliminated all together.

2) Sell Government property

Jeffrey Zients posted on the White House Blog about a month ago saying that the Federal government owns 1.2 million properties across the country and 14,000 buildings and structures are currently designated as excess or under-utilized.

Selling those 14,000 buildings is a start. That could bring some needed revenue to the government to pay off the high external debt we have. Why sell 14,000 when you can sell even more? There definitely has to be more than 14,000 buildings that have no purpose what so ever in government.

There is no guarantee Ryan’s budget will pass because of the veto pen and the U.S. Senate. However, promoting this budget helps get the news out that there are some people who actually want to do real work and real solving in Washington. It’s important we make this push for this important budget reduction. However, Ryan and those who support a better fiscal and economic future must fight very hard, very determined and very ruthless because the other side knows how to stop good things from happening in Washington and the time is now to give one hell of a fight.

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1 Comment

  • Yes lets lower the tax rates on all the wealthy so the middle class can become poorer and poorer and then turn to government for more help! Your party has no need for people who are not rich, right? Well who the hell will be buying their products? There is a change coming and you little welps better watch out because your party is finished. Paul Ryan is an idiot and his plan won’t work. The only thing that the republicans care about is who is filling their pockets. You are despicable and the republicans will NOT be re-elected in 2012 because we have something you don’t, more numbers. Nananana nananana hey hey hey good bye!