13 Apr
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An April 12th article in the New York Times asks a “trick” question: “[i]f Congress takes no action in the coming years, what will happen to the budget deficit?” As loyal promoters of the left wing agenda, the Times article concludes by pronouncing that all Congress has to do is NOTHING (i.e. let the Bush era tax cuts expire) and, hocus pocus, the deficit problem will magically vanish.
My friends, this is typical liberal misguided thinking. According to the Left, just blame and punish the thousands of small businesses and wealthy Americans across the country that work hard and pay taxes and all of America’s problems will be solved.
To the contrary, if we seek to restore fiscal sanity and discipline to the American financial system, the last thing we want is a Congress that abrogates its responsibility to make tough and meaningful choices.
We need a Congress that is willing to propose genuinely new and innovative solutions to our stagnant and enduring financial problems. How about a proposal to remake Social Security and Medicare? How about a proposal to pare down the ever ballooning entitlement programs? Why are we continuing to give so much to other countries in foreign aid? How about a proposal to limit the amount of free money we disburse to foreign nations, some of which decidedly do not reciprocate our friendship and generosity?
Why must we always ask some Americans to pay more in taxes rather than asking some Americans (and foreigners) to accept less largesse from the federal government?
Our current president has shown no leadership on this (or any other) issue. Let’s hope that our Republican led House of Representatives will show more vision and courage.

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