14 Feb
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Wishy-Washy, by Joe Mendola

The current administration’s ongoing strategy on both the domestic economic front and in response to the dizzying events in the Middle East brings to mind that delightful book that I have enjoyed reading to my children. It’s called Mrs. Wishy-Washy and was written by Joy Cowley.

Let’s start with Mr. Obama’s budget. Talk about wishy washy!! The President’s newly issued budget, even according to the always “objective” New York Times, “pivots” between stimulus and deficit cuts, all while leaving in place an annual deficit in excess of $1 trillion dollars. (You can be sure that our Democrat friends will try to blame that deficit on President George W. Bush but the truth is that the deficits under the Bush years were never nearly that high and were the result of wars being waged to protect our nation from attack.) How can Mr. Obama speak of fiscal responsibility when he proposes a budget whose deficit will crush any nascent economic recovery that may be trying to blossom? How can we expect to get our economic house in order if the federal government continues to spend with such reckless abandon? Is it logical that the government must spend over one trillion dollars more than it collects? How could that be? The President appointed a serious deficit reduction commission which issued some very concrete and worthwhile proposals. Not one is included in the President’s budget. To me this proves that he and the Democrats are not really interested in fiscal responsibility. Essentially when it comes to deficit reduction the President and his party are most definitely wishy-washy.

As champions of individual freedoms and democracy, we Republican cheered at the recent event in Egypt. However, the extent to which we were inspired by the actions of the brave Egyptians, we were equally dismayed by the ineptness and lack of clarity emanating from the Obama Administration. As they did in 2009 in the face of the stolen Iranian elections and massive protests that followed, as the events in Egypt unfolded, the Administration seemed reluctant to embrace the call for freedom and to offer support to those seeking to rid themselves of the oppressiveness of authoritarian governments. Back in 2009, Obama said we could not overtly support the Iranian demonstrators because doing so would give the Iranian government an excuse to blame the protests on the US and shut down the protestors. So we said nothing and guess what happened? The Iranian government blamed us and shut down the protestors. In Egypt, the Administration’s message seemed to change not only by the day but also seemed to vary depending on the administrative official who was speaking. Imagine how Ronald Reagan or even, yes, George W. Bush, would have reacted. A single clear voice supporting democracy and freedom. Instead we have the hesitating, cautious approach or one which is, as my children might say, wishy-washy.

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