15 Feb
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Painful Choices

The official budget for the US government’s 2012 fiscal year has been released to the general public. Obama claims that some “painful choices” had to be made. Republicans, meanwhile, were simply asking the President to follow recommendations of his own deficit and debt reduction panel, mainly composed of Democrats.

Instead, Obama provided plenty of pork barrel spending. Also, he was not willing to begin scaling down Medicare and Social Security for future generations, against the advice of his panel. He even made a substantial cut in Pell Grants for low income college students, and cuts in food stamps. Can we say Jimmy Carter? Why would a liberal president stuff pork and hurt the poor at the same time? How foolish.

What about the debt panel recommendations? Again, Obama wants Medicare and Social Security to exist in perpetuity, because he wants working and low-income households dependent on the Democrat Party for votes, for generations to come. They fear that if to many of these households become independent vis-a-vis funding their own retirement or competitively-priced private health care, they will vote Republican. Instead, they are fine with doctors and trial-lawyers milking the Medicare and Social Security systems to drive up costs and keep people dependent. Again, my fellow Republicans, we have no excuse not to win next year.

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1 Comment

  • I recently heard Paul Ryan say that with the White House budget, the CBO estimates that taxes will have to rise to over 60% (!!!) for the so-called middle class, and 88% for the so-called rich.

    60% FEDERAL INCOME TAX on the middle class?!? Bye bye prosperity and free America. This is craziness.