20 Feb
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Let’s Stand In Solidarity With Our Wisconsin Comrades

Just when you thought liberals couldn’t shift further to the left, well, they just did it again. Teacher’s unions have loudly protested even minimal contribution requirements to retirement and health care plans. Obama called the Republican sponsored plan to limit collective bargaining rights on contribution limits an “assault on unions”. Teachers refused to show up for work, and get this – so did the Democratic legislators that were supposed to vote on the proposal. They got on a bus and left – left the state that is.

When Gov. Scott Walker (R) said, “we’re broke” in Wisconsin, he meant it. Much of the industrial Midwest is suffering from the effects of the recent (and still ongoing?) severe recession. That means tax revenues have significantly declined. Why is it that teacher’s unions can’t accept budget cuts when so many Americans have had to cut their own? It’s because they have a philosophy that they are “public servants” and are entitled to free health care and state-backed, fully-funded pensions. They say it’s a matter of “fairness”. However, is it fair that most Americans contribute most of the cost of their health care and retirement, while teachers do not? Is it fair that OUR taxpayer dollars are funding this inequality? It’s disgusting to hear teachers talk about fairness when the median teacher salary nationwide is $48,000 per year versus $35,000 for the typical private-sector worker. Does “public service” entitle one to higher salaries when military personnel receive less pay than both groups? Is it fair that these unions are using children (that should be in school) to further their cause at the state capital?

Amazingly, liberal MSNBC ran an article last week about “out of control federal, state, and local government spending”. That’s not what you would expect from a liberal media outlet. It even reported that 64% of Americans do not support the Wisconsin teachers’ unions side of the argument. Republicans, we have an opportunity to win crucial swing-states in the Midwest in 2012 – Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. With the far-left drift many Democrats are moving towards, this should be easy. Let’s not be like Democrats “who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”.

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