16 Feb
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Hey Donald, You’re Fired!

The residual excitement from CPAC has left conservatives hearing more and more about master self-promoter and coiffure wonder boy Donald Trump.  While I admit to never finding the guy particularly likable, I understand he does possess a certain broad appeal to conservatives, and even some liberals.  (Full disclosure: After I heard he was stumping for Rahm Emmanuel, I knew I could never support him.)

Is he a real conservative?  Here is the Donald by the numbers.

For me, this section was all that mattered…

To know a man’s true convictions, the best place to look is often at his checkbook- so that’s just what I did.  I found it incredibly disappointing to see exactly where he sent his political contributions. Here are just a few- but for a full list you can click here.
  • 11/8/2010- $2,700-Democratic Party of Delaware
  • 10/21/2010 -$2,400- Anthony Weiner (D)
  • 9/20/2010- $10,000 – Democratic Committee of New York City
  • 2/18/2010 – $2,000- Anthony Weiner (D)
  • 4/7/2010 -$1,000 Charles Schumer (D)
  • 3/26/2009- $2,400 – Harry Reid (D)
  • 8/11/2009 -$2,000 – Bill Nelson (D)
  • 5/20/2009 – $2,000 -Charles Schumer (D)
  • Chuck Schumer?  Anthony Weiner?  Harry Reid?

    Are you kidding me?  After reading this report, I’m not even sure I’d encourage a candidate to solicit him for campaign contributions.  Likely chance that he’d be donating to the Democratic opponent!

    Republicans, we can do a lot better than this two-faced , bombastic jester.

    h/t Mark Levin via facebook

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