16 Feb
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Andrew Cuomo – the country’s best Democrat?

Let me preface this by saying that I am a proud and registered Republican and have been so for many years. I am also not accustomed to writing or saying many good things about the politics of the Democratic Party. But I think that we must give credit when credit is due – and that (for now) goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. From the looks of the polls, I am not the only Republican in NY State who feels this way. In the poll just released this week a strong majority of Republicans support him, as well as all other New Yorkers.

For Cuomo to be fighting for not just deficit reduction, but to reform the ridiculous budgetary laws that create mandatory increases in state spending (without taking into account how much the state is receiving in tax revenue), is in many ways admirable. This is a terrible practice put in place by historically left-wing special interests by their trusted cohorts like Sheldon Silver. Though I would expect a Republican to take these interests on, I admire the fact that Cuomo is attempting to go against these powerful groups. His calls to also deal with pension reforms, which will affect Democratic groups like the teachers’ unions is also commendable.

Even worse – as this NY Post article illustrates (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/gop_skeptical_about_skelos_k5xYaXH1nSYkeNh1I9UYQM)

 Dead Skelos is already signaling that he is caving into certain interests, in seeming to withdraw support for strengthening ethics laws. New Yorkers should know who is paying their elected leaders.

Do not get me wrong – the jury is still out. We must reserve judgment until the end of these budget negotiations. But for now, I am somewhat optimistic that the Governor has good intentions and the ability to stand up to his own base.

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