24 Feb
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An Opportunity We Can’t Miss

At first, it is easy to be enraged by the radically left elements of the Democrats. It’s also easy to be amazed at how unapologetically far-left unions and their supports have been at rallies in the Midwest. It’s almost as if they are socialist and don’t care what the rest of the country thinks. You may think, “can they really be THAT myopic?”. Well, yes they can.

I was stymied at first, then came to realize the union protests are a political Godsend. We have an extraordinary political opportunity here, with the left being shrill and us being logical. Democrats are using the government shutdown playing card to hurt Republicans politically, as they did in 1995. Fortunately for us, that won’t work.

Obama isn’t as politically savvy as Bill Clinton, and John Boehner is much more well liked than Newt Gingrich (although both Speakers are great in my view). The public is much less sympathetic towards unions now, and the economy is far worse than in 1995. We must have strong, consistent message discipline. The liberal media already is saying Obama is “tacking to the center” to prepare for the 2012 Elections. Really? That’s an empty claim – no tacking to the center is happening, unless if some journalists started taking LSD during coverage of the story. We have to seize this chance to score a major political victory. We cannot allow the left to saddle us with extraordinary debt, while public sector unions enjoy salaries and benefits far above the private sector norm.

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1 Comment

  • Most journalists are on LSD 365 days/year. Very poor analysts indeed.

    Why, for example, do they not report that the Administration has been held in contempt by a Federal court?

    Why do they fail to report that Obamacare is still being, even after a Florida judge declared it unConstitutional?

    Why do they pat Obama and Hillary on the back for calling out Mubarak, a steadfast ally for 30 years, and yet not even remark that Obama continues to be silent on Iran and, until yesterday, Libya?

    Why do they seem incapable of dropping the partisan politics, the spitball shooting, and the mostly unimportant topics (is Obama “really a Muslim?” was Obama “really born in Kenya?) and focus on the major issues at hand? Namely, why no serious analysis about the debt and fecklessness in foreign policy?

    Why the hatred and, yes, blood libel of Sarah Palin?

    The mainstream media, the vast majority of journalists, and the so-called cognoscenti are terribly shallow. We face existential challenges and they’re worried about the color of Obama’s tie.