25 Jan
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Why Fox News Should Hire Keith Olbermann

After listening to the President Obama’s State of the Union, I first tuned to Fox News to see what the “FOX All-Stars” had say about the speech and it was great to hear the back and forth between 2 liberal-leaning commentators (Juan Williams & Kirsten Powers) and 2 conservative-leaning commentators (Brit Hume & Charles Krauthammer).  It was nice to have some balance in news coverage which so many in the dinosaur media refuse to implement.  However, neither set of commentators made strong points about the speech or took aggressive takes on if they thought President Obama had moved effectively to th center.

However, around quarter to 11,  Sean Hannity came on the air and of course he found President Obama’s speech very flat and didn’t think he was sincere in his attempt to persuade the American people that he was going to cut spending.  As Sean was going through his “ho-hum” opinion…I tuned over to MSNBC where Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were giving there take on the speech.  And of course…it was a ho hum second-guessing of whether Republicans could even work with President Obama on his new “investment” proposals.

During this time, I was thinking how great it would be if one network featured strong liberal and conservative commentators speaking on the same show at same time.  Usually only the mainstream media applies this approach…but it often matches up 3 strong liberals with 1 weak conservative or 3 strong conservatives with  1 weak liberal.  To me this is not “fair and balanced.”

American media needs  to stop claiming that they are “fair” because they have both parties represented on their network.  Having Alan Colmes on Fox News and Joe Scarborough on MSNBC doesn’t make either network truly “fair.”  It is rather a sham of what news should be in this country.

Nobody in this country can trust supposed “objective” media in this country like ABC  News or the New York Times, because nobody is truly objective about political issues.  Since a majority of the mainstream media tilted liberal for most of the 20th century, it open the door to a revolution in AM radio…called conservative talk radio…led by Rush Limbaugh.  The programming received a following due to the fact that the American public didn’t trust that the mainstream media was giving them the facts straight.  Where Rush and talk radio thrives is in their doubt and parody of the mainstream media.  Most people agree with their sentiment that the media is not telling the “whole” truth and therefore they have built huge audiences that have challenged the power of the “Cronkite/NY Times” model of journalism.

Next, Fox News applied that “liberal leaning” approach to news by coming at from a “conservative” angle.  This drove liberals nuts, since it was another salvo into their overall control of information given to the American people.  As much as Fox has been lambasted by the left, all the insults have only helped them get stronger and now Fox regularly competes with CNN as the most trusted news source.

So with that in mind, I think its time for the media to try something different that will benefit all Americans.  How about just have all journalists admit they are biased.  Yes, have them come out and say that they are liberal-leaning or conservative leaning.  Then, each network should hire 50% liberal commentators and 50% conservative commentators.  This truly would be “fair & balanced” news…since both perspectives would represented in the news.  It would help Americans become better informed about politics and make wiser decisions about who they elect as their leaders.  I also think that it would make more people follow the news and find it useful to follow.

Now, that brings me to the main point of my blog post.  It is time for Fox News to put away its “conservative” only approach to major commentators and hire Keith Olbermann.  Yes, that’s right.  The same guy who gained fame or notoriety (depending on your political persuasion) going after George W. Bush so viciously during his second term in the oval office.  Thought I disagree with nearly everything that Keith Olberman says, it was nice to know that their was someone in the “liberal” media that wasn’t afraid to say that was a liberal.  He wasn’t afraid to say what he believed in.  That is what makes our democracy truly strong.  His opinions were so forthright that caused Americans to pay attention to him and not be lulled to sleep by a mainstream media who doesn’t do their job.

The best news reporting today doesn’t come from the New York Times or the Washington Post…but rather from talkers and bloggers on both sides of the political divide.  Whether it be Breitbart or Think Progress…blogs are the ones who truly break news and bring important issues to the forefront of American voters.  Commentators like Olbermann and Rush rely on these news sources to report to the American people the truth about what is going on in America…even if they just report news that is favorable to their side.

This is why a news outfit like Fox…needs to hire strong commentators from both sides of the aisle in order to be the “New York Times” of the 21st century.  The first news outlet who lets go of partisanship in favor of  strong opinions will be the most successful.  This is why Fox News and MSNBC regularly beat  CNN in the ratings.  CNN’s model for news is dead.  Fox News and MSNBC lead the news race now and are the most influential outlets in the country.  So, in order for Fox News to make CNN and MSNBC irrelevant…as well as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Networks News…it must venture outside of its “conservative” comfort zone…and hire Keith Olbermann.  Even Republicans know that sometime Republicans are the “Worst People in the World”.  That is the type of honesty that all Americans need.

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