24 Jan
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Goodbye, Mr. Olbermann, and good riddance

There are few times that I will take an opportunity to celebrate the temporary disappearance of a particular talkinghead, but Keith Olbermann is an exception. Though I was lucky enough to see him on television on few occasions, his shows are difficult to forget. Bordering on slander and filled with uncorroborated accusations against Republicans and conservatives, it was a good example of the lengths that the far left will go to win over the public. In the end, he served very little except to rile up his leftist base. It was ironic to see him dub others as “the worst person in the world,” considering his own strong candidacy for the title. Let us hope MSNBC takes this failure as a teachable moment to put someone in their prime-time slot that will provide a constructive voice to the nation’s political dialogue, as opposed to what they have been offering up until now.

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