30 Jan
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Can Governor Cuomo Resist Pressure from the Far-Left?

Our newly-minted governor has recently spoken some refreshing words regarding the size of government in New York State (OK, try not to laugh people). He has stated that significant budgetary reductions are needed in order to keep the state from defaulting on its loans. He also states that reducing the size of Albany’s bureaucracy is an absolute must. Part of this is “cleaning up the corruption in Albany”. Finally, he has struck a note with libertarians, indicating that we need to revisit taxation on small businesses to “get our economy going again”. Cuomo sounds more like Susan Collins than Ariana Huffington these days. And, it’s not like Sen. Collins is a stalwart conservative either (although this writer is a long-time fan of hers).

Unfortunately for Cuomo, the ideological left is prepared to harpoon his lofty plans. Welfare groups are loudly complaining about possible cuts in programs to help “the most vulnerable in our communities”. Union thugocracies are threatening to withdraw future political support for cancelling construction projects that are funded with our taxpayer dollars. Teacher’s unions, in particular, decry the reduction in direct state funding for districts, even though our property taxes are sky-high and federal Title I funding can fill in the gap for strugging schools. Special interests groups, like trial lawyers, who benefit from a bloated government, are in no mood for simplifying the state’s civil, penal, or tax codes.

These normally loyal Democratic constituents are giving their de facto leader a very hard time right now. They are not interested in hearing about balancing the budget or reducing the size of government. It’s about living an idealogically liberal ideal in an otherwise austere economy.

Cuomo should be able to “take it on the chin” with the liberal base in 2011 to get things done. Then he can rally the base again in 2012. So why should New York State Republicans care? Because, much damage can be done to our state’s economy between now and the next election. You can almost hear that sucking sound of businesses leaving our state again. Let’s hope Cuomo can resist the siren voices of far-left zealots within his own party.

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