17 Dec
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The Problem with the Tax Cut Package

Is simple: the added debt. Tax cuts sound great, but if they’re being off-set by additional debt (i.e. not spending cuts), then what’s the point? We’re extending unemployment… again!? People can now list Unemployed as an intermediate career they’ve been on it so long. Just saying.

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  • I have the perspective that increasing the tax rate does not necessarily increase taxes. Reducing the tax rates increases the incentive to do well. Further, increasing taxes is like trying to solve the problems of a spendthrift by extending his credit limit. It’s an inherent pathology that Congress loves to spend other people’s money, and the only way to restrict it is to restrict the flow of funds to it. Cutting taxes is the only way to do that.

  • Unemployment is my planned 2nd career! Yay for the welfare state!