27 Dec
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FDR Syndrome?

To be sure, democracies are funny things.  Today, the joke’s on us.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was and still is admired by the vast majority of Americans, despite his utterly abysmal record on the economy and civil liberties.  He truly was the closest thing that America has ever had to a dictator, an opinion that is substantiated by his contempt for the Supreme Court and his threats to “stack” it with Justices who would not overturn his overreaching legislation.  There is too much to say on the topic for a quick blog post, but I would recommend a quick read of The People’s Pottage for a relatively brief (and beautifully crafted) expose on the machinations of the early Roosevelt presidency.

As 2010 comes to a close, a new USA Today-Gallup poll puts President Obama, who has a similar governing philosophy and at least as great arrogance as FDR, as the “most admired” man in America.

The “most admired” woman?  HRC.  (Not kidding.)

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